Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Gift Idea for CVSer: Coupon Clipping Service Subscription

Florida Coupon ClippingDo you have CVSer on your holiday gift list?  How about a subscription to a coupon clipping service?  As you know, selling coupons is illegal.  But it is legal to collect, clip, sort and mail out coupons to customers who pay for your time and service.  Having extra coupons can help a CVS shopper save even more.  Or perhaps you would want to put a subscription on your wishlist.

Florida Coupon Clipping is run by Elena, a Simply CVS reader.  Her service is a little different than the average clipping service in that she offers subscriptions for a set number of coupons to be sent to you as you choose, over a period of time--75 - 90 days (a couple examples:  $10 = 50 coupons; $25 =  165 coupons; $80 = 900 coupons).  Then you order when coupons you need are available, pay nothing at that time, not even
shipping, and you receive your coupons.  I don't order coupons too often, but when I do I love the convenience of the subscription service—quick and easy to jump in, order and jump out (I love simplicity).  I used to think I had to order lots to save on shipping, but now I can order a few or dozens at once.

Elena is currently offering discounts on all of her subscriptions (thru 12/25).  I have listed the regular prices below--the discount will be taken off of this amount at check out.


#1 - $10 for 50 coupons within 75 days (less 10%)
#2 - $15 for 85 coupons within 75 days (less 10%)


#3 - $25 for 165 coupons within 75 days (less 15%)
#4 - $40 for 330 coupons within 90days (less 15%)


#5 - $60 for 600 coupons within 90 days (less 20%)
#6 - $80 for 900 coupons within 90 days (less 20%)

If you have been wanting to try a clipping service or looking for a gift for a hard to buy for couponing friend, check Florida Coupon Clipping out and let Elena do the clipping for you.  Elena is also quick to answer any questions and I have found her service to be wonderful--very quick shipping.

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