Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CVS Scanner Coupons Printing the Week of 12/18/2011

Here are the weekly CVS scanner coupons we got the week of 12/18.  They have various expiration dates so be sure and look at each one.  If you got anything different please leave a comment letting others know.  It helps to know what you might be getting.

These everyone should get:

$2.00 off any Nature Made Vitamins
$1.00 off any 4 Easy Mac or Ma c& Cheese

$3.00 off any 2 boxes of Pot of Gold 
$.50 off 2 Planters or Nabisco 
$.50 off any 3M Command Hooks 
$1.00/2 bags of Seasonal M&M's 9.9-12.6oz *thanks sunshynet

These coupons vary per shopper:

Free Reinventing Beauty Magazine (Sarah got this one)
$2 off any Carmex Skincare products (excludes trial size)
$3 off Zantac 24 ct
$3 off Beano Mealtaway
$2 Off any Garnier Skin Care 
$2 off any Axe shampoo, Conditioner or Styling

What else did you get? 

These CVS coupons often coincide with upcoming CVS deals, so hang onto any you don't use this week.  And remember, they can be combined with manufacturer coupons for an even bigger savings--often making "money" on the deal.  Remember to scan your card until it says you have received all the coupons available to you today.  The coupons are often based on past purchases or new items.


Debbie said...

I got the following:
1/2 Sweetart or Spree Candy Canes
$7 off Nature Made Skin Beauty and Wellness Pack
$5 off Lumene skincare
$2 off any Sally Hansen Bleach or Depilatory

I did not get the Zantac, Beano, Garnier, or Axe coupons listed above, but got all the rest.

Sobeida said...

I got so many tonight:
~ Free reinventing beauty
~ $2 off Sally Hershberger Shampoo or Cond. (no idea what this is)
~ $3 off Zantac 24 ct or larger
~ $2 off Tumbs 60 Ct or larger
~ $5 offf 2 Refresh or Optive Eye drops
~ $1 off any 4 easy mac (i been getting tons of this one)
~ $3 off two boxes of pot of gold
~ $.50 off Command hooks
~ $.50 off two planters 1.5-6 oz or Nabisco 1-3 oz
~ $2 off nature made
~ Free Kleenex wallet pack when you buy 1 - Great stocking stuffer (any one know what a great stocking stuffer is?)
~ $2 Off any Axe Shampoo, conditioner or Styling
~ $2 Off any Carmex Skincare purchase (excludes trial size)
~ $2 off any Garnier skin care purchase
~ $5 off Lumene skin care

Miz Monie said...

I received a $4/$20 email today print through 12/24/11. I'm going to wait till the 24th to print it. :D

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

I'm glad we learned to wait to print,Miz Monie. Hoping I get one.

ThriftyGuru said...

I wish we had CVS in Colorado....