Thursday, December 8, 2011

All You Magazine Sale: Just $5 for a Second Subscription ~ Great CVSer Gift Idea

Give the Gift of All You for as low as $5I shared in the CVSer Gift Giving/Wish List Series the other day about All You Magazine would be a great gift for a CVSer or yourself because of the great number of coupons in it each month.  Well today they have put out a special deal for ordering a second subscription for just $5.  So you order the first for $19.95 and the second for $5.00.  They even offer an E-card to send to your recipient.  So if you have been wanting to try this for yourself and a friend
now is the time.  Or order two for yourself--I have read of many couponers who get multiple copies of this for their own use.

Each month All You Magazine has between $50 and $100 worth of coupons. Often these are coupons with much higher value than the average insert coupons and with longer expiration dates.  And many of them work for CVS deals.  I have read of some couponers who have five or more subscriptions delivered to their homes each month so they can have the extra coupons.  To see some lists of coupons in recent issues check out these posts:
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Get All You Plus a Free Gift!

All You is a Simply CVS affiliate marketing partner. 

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