Tuesday, December 20, 2011

$.99/1 Coke Zero Printable Coupon on Facebook

Stop by the Coke Zero Facebook Page and like them for a $.99/1 Coke Zero Coupon. Thanks to The Q-Tipping Mom for the heads up!  Stop by the Simply CVS Facebook page and like us and meet a lot of other great CVS shoppers--over 8600 fans who love CVSing.


Martha said...

I hope none of you had this experience, but I used this coupon at CVS since the 2 Liter Coke products are $0.99 each this week. Well when it scanned at the register, it beeped as "coupon not valid." The cashier inspected it left and right and told me she would push it through this time but that normally coke doesn't give out coupons and when it beeps as "not valid" it is normally counterfeit.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Martha, I didn't print it to use. I believe she is mistaken as I know Coke has had printables before and they have a reward program where they give coupons for purchases. I will never understand cashiers saying they are probably counterfeit but then pushing them thru. If you ever have one they won't take--contact the issuing company and let them know, they will often send you a coupon.