Thursday, November 24, 2011

Warning: Emails Received Concerning Simply CVS Are Not From Me

A reader commented with the following:  "I received an email from a women named Linda and she says she got my email from my simplycvs..profile and that she has something important to tell me."  I do not know who this "Linda" is or how she is getting emails of my readers, but be assured these are not from me or anyone else associated with Simply CVS.  The only emails sent from here are from Feedburner and you had to sign up to get them. They will be the post links and that is all.  So if you get any emails saying they have anything to do with Simply CVS please ignore them.  I apologize to those who may encounter this.
                         ~ Cheryl


Anonymous said...

I received an email as well that read:

Hello My name is Linda i saw your profile today in
and became interested in you,i will also like to know you the more,and if you dont mind i will like you to send an email to me so i can give you my love for you to know whom i am. i have something IMPORTANT to tell you. Thanks Linda.

I usually receive those kinds of email to my yahoo account. I think they are part of some foreign scam. Your readers should not respond.

Anonymous said...

I also received this email..creepy