Saturday, November 19, 2011

Three Aditional Free Gift Card Deals @ CVS Week of 11/20 (S/M/T/W Only)

Along with the free $10 Gift Card When You Spend $30 Weekly Deal at CVS there are the following gift card deals included in the 11/20 CVS Ad.

Get a FREE $10 Gift Card when you buy one: Limit 2 of each item

Entertainment Coupon Savings Book ($35)
iCraig Tower Stereo System $68.88
Craig 13" HD LCD TV (mode may vary) $94.99
Craig 7" Portable LCD TV/DVD with built in DVD player $78.99

Get a FREE $10 Gift Card when you spend $30 on these As Seen on TV Items: Limit 5

Gyro Bowl $12.99
myZone Headphones $19.99

Miyashi Massaging Pillow $19.99
Side Sleeper Pro neck and back pillow $19.99
Twin Draft Guard $9.99
Aluma Wallet $10.99
Dream Look Eye Lift $19.99
Genie Bra $19.99
Shake Weight for women $19.99
Pillow Pet $19.99
Ez Moves $19.99
Robert Irvine's Samurai Pro $14.99
Perfect Meatloaf Pan Set $14.99
Chef Basket $9.99

Get a FREE $10 Gift card when you spend $30 on Hasbro Brand Toys Limit 5

Be sure and check your online CVS account--many shoppers have $5/25 coupons to print off.

Thanks to Didie @ We Use Coupons for the type up of the product list.

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Unknown said...

Cool! I have wanted to get Logan a Gyro Bowl!