Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Superpoints ~ Great Way to Earn Amazon GCs, Paypal or Others ~ Share Your Referral Links

EDITING 11/11/2012:  Looks like Superpoints has gone under--this is no longer viable information.  

Superpoints is an online earning site that rewards members with points that can be turned in for Paypal, Amazon gift cards, other gift cards and prizes (no CVS GCs yet).  The Amazon gift cards can come in handy for buying printer ink and paper for coupons and Paypal can be used for CVS shopping trips.  You can find a description of the program in this recent post:  An Introduction to Superpoints--it is slow at first, but as you learn more and get more referrals you will be cashing out every week.

Superpoints is by member invite only.  Below are a few of my referral sign up links (and readers have shared some in the comments below)--each is only good for one new member. As they are used I will replace them with
new ones.   Once you sign up be sure to fill out your account information (to earn more spins) and verify your email address so you will start receiving daily bonus point emails.  You can see all the details in the post link above.

If you are a Superpoints Member, or sign up now, I would love for you to share your invite link in the comment area below.  If you ever get a bonus one, stop by and leave the link. You can find the link to this post in the right hand sidebar here at Simply CVS:  Superpoints Invite Links - Add Yours.


Lacy said...

Superpoints invite links have changed! They are now permanent - they don't expire! Join Superpoints here http://superpoints.com/refer/tiaanvanv to win Some spare cash!

Pazza said...

There have been a lot of videos lately. If it says to check back tomorrow, try checking later that day. Also, look for videos on the Matomy and RadiumOne tabs :)

My referral link: http://superpoints.com/refer/derobmi1


cille said...

Here's an invite/referral link:


I've been a member for about 3 weeks and have about 550 points. I got them from videos, reading emails and the superluckybutton - just to give you an idea of what you can make with minimal effort. So far I really like the site!

on a side note .. I really appreciate blog posts like this.. I'm always a little hesitant with these sites, so thank you very much for the info :)

Unknown said...

Really easy to get points here...they are just a SuperLucky Button press away :D


Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Comment left on another post:

Work_from_home_mom said...
use the link below to join Superpoints. The more friends that join the more you make. I would love for you to join my link and start earning some $ or giftcards
Special Link below


Ke said...


Unknown said...

Here is my link,

Anonymous said...

please join my network, thanks!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Amber said...

Another invite link for people looking to join: http://superpoints.com/refer/junglefowls

It would be amazing if anyone joined my network. Haha I just started; hopefully we can build points together!

And to the writer, thank you so much for this post; I feel so behind on the swagbucks/irazoo/etc. front. :3 We could all use a $5 gift card once in a while lol!

Katie said...


Anonymous said...

Sign up here :)


Anonymous said...

here's my link
I just signed up through Cheryl's link. thanks!!!!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Please note that bonus codes are only good for 48 hours. I will delete any posts with bonus codes sometime after the 48 hours is up so readers don't have to keep trying more links.

Thank you all for posting--I hope you are getting referrals.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

EVERYONE should be doing this! The easiest money I've ever made collecting points. You open 1 email a day, click on the superlucky button to win points and bring in a few friends to do the same! No obligation to check it out! Please be sure to fill out your profile to get the most from the program..
>> Click the Link to get started >>http://superpoints.com/refer/SuperpointsForCASH

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone I would love to have some friends join my netwok. I am currently friendless =( heres my link.

Mattie said...

If you're like me and looking for good deals...I'd love for you to join as my friend...click my link... http://superpoints.com/refer/ricky_mattie

Anonymous said...

Invite link. Validate and create basic profile after signup.


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


Mike said...

here's my link, don't forget to fill out your profile and become a basic member to earn more!


Work_from_home_mom said...

Our network is currently over 127 people so lots of chances to make big amounts of cash join us at the link below!


Minta's Creations said...

Come and join Superpoints with me
Just remember to confirm your email and set up your profile so that you can get 30 points and Superpoints lucky emails.

Christy said...

I could REALLY some friends to help me with this!!!! It is super easy to do when you get your network helping you!!! THanks in advance


Anonymous said...


Pls, guise :)

Anonymous said...

Let's do this

Chiyu said...

Hey guys! I have a referral link worth 50 Superpoints when you sign up!


Also, if you don't mind signing up with my referral link, I would really appreciate it.. Thanks! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Please join superpoints using my link: http://superpoints.com/refer/tears

super easy way to earn points by clicking a button or completing surveys, and redeem them for gift cards!

Angiejones687 said...

Join now with this link!!



Melanie said...

Here's my link:

I've earned about $35 so far from Superpoints--you can pick how you want your points to pay out but I always choose the Amazon option; it's pretty quick and easy. Make sure you sign up with an email address you regularly check so you don't miss out on the Super Lucky emails; sometimes those have up to 25 points inside! Once you get 5 friends the points add up a lot faster. Good luck!

Anonymous said...


This is a link to join thanks :)

Sheri said...

Here is my link.

I have cashed in a $25 Paypal.

Anonymous said...

25 bonus points link. Hurry before someone takes it.


Here is the regular invite link.


Joe said...

Here is an invite worth 25 Superpoints to get you started.


Here is a regular link if someone takes the one above.


Poor Student said...

Here is a special link good for 48 hours and an automatic 25 points/cents to start:

Here is a regular link that is permanently good:

Thanks for helping me out.

Taylor said...

Here is a referral link for Superpoints!


Reed said...

Here are some invites! Use 'em before they're taken!
Enjoy them, and rack up some points and earn some prizes!

Anonymous said...

Invitation link.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Join with my link and earn more! I have an active network of over 100+ people that can earn you points FAST!!!


Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

I have noticed a few comments mention the size of their network--this will not help you earn more. Only the referrals you get will help you earn more. I just want to clarify that.

Walrus said...

Wow, really glad to see someplace that's willing to help out by letting everyone post their referral links. Thanks, SimplyCVS!

Here's my referral link:


I would greatly appreciate it if you choose my referral link to sign up for SuperPoints :)

sylvia said...

if you are intrested in trying this free program please give my referall link a try. I don't have any friends under me yet and would appriciate the help in leveling up.


i won 58 points today alone with email and the super lucky button. Watch how easy it is to earn free money.


Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Because bonus links are only good for 48 hours I try once a week to delete any that are older than that to keep the links in the comments viable for anyone wanting to sign up. So if you see your comment is gone that is why. I do not delete regular referral links.

Dawn said...


Please fill out your profile, you will receive more spins, means more money

Anonymous said...

Here's my referral link:


It's really easy to earn free money. Just complete offers, push the SuperLucky button as many times as you can everyday, post your own referral link, and watch videos. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...


make sure to complete your profile :)

Cristina V said...

Hi Guys,

This is great points program, i sign up to buy thing for my baby with the gift cards, is been slow, but i know it will get better once i have some people in my network.

if you want to join Please use my Referral link:


Thank you for reading my comment, god bless you :)

Anonymous said...

I love super points!
Here is a referal code!


Jen Allison said...

Here is my referral link; join me. http://superpoints.com/refer/Alisonmail

Anonymous said...

Thank you for using the link below!

Superpoints is so awesome! You can just click on superlucky button and win money! Here's a superpoints invite, hope you'd enjoy it like i did!

Make sure you fill out the basic profile to get 30 bouns spins per day!

Have fun:)


Anonymous said...

I'm an old rancher trying to earn a little extra cash and for some stupid reason lots of folks are too lazy to do this but I need another referral under me for Superpoints. we won't get rich but a little is better than none. Here is my link and thanks for helping me out.

Anonymous said...

oops forgot the link http://superpoints.com/refer/launchme_bkvb

crunchberries said...

Hi everyone. I'm a young disabled woman with a neurological condition and I'm trying to make ends meet by using Superpoints to earn Amazon Gift cards.

If you'd could spare the time, I'd appreciate it if you signed up under my referral and filled out your profile so that when you earn points, I do too. Thanks!

Referral: http://www.superpoints.com/refer/nothingisblank

Anonymous said...

I just started superpoints yesterday and would love for people to sign up under my link. It is http://superpoints.com/refer/kcook515

Kelly said...

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If you sign up through this link, you will get an extra 50 Superpoints! This link is only good for the first person who uses it. If it has been used, please feel free to sign up here: http://superpoints.com/refer/Tigrera84 I really appriciate everyone who does use my link as I am trying to get a couple of Amazon gift cards together before Christmas. Thanks and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Please help me extend my network on Superpoints. Just use my referral link and earn free gift cards! Thanks to all that help!


Anonymous said...

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