Monday, November 21, 2011

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 11/20/2011

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeDid you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 11/20 to purchase?  Are you taking the Simply CVS. CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I
am still learning!

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    Deal Seeker said...

    WEEK 11/20/2011 ~ $50 CVS Challenge

    Total Spent:  $ 11.11 (including tax)
    ECBs Used: $0 Don't ask why.
    Extra Bucks Earned: $3.00
    Total Saved:  $ 18.06 (without tax)
    Total Value of Products Purchased:  $28.25 (without tax)

    This week's trip's details:
    $2.00 Hallmark card
    $ .99 Hallmark card
    $ .99 Hallmark card Earned ECB $3 wyb 3
    $7.39 Conair 3 in 1 mirror;SQ$4.00
    $5.89 Rev Top speed Nail color; MQ $1 SQ $3
    $7.99 Advil Congestion Relief MQ$1;SQ $3
    Used CVS Q from email 20% off purchase w/exclusions SQ3.06

    Trip Notes:
    My cash balance really went down. :( I am sick so I needed the Advil. So happy when a $3 Advil coupon unexpectedly printed at the Red Machine. Hopefully I will be able to make money on Black Friday and then find a good rebate to convert some ECB's back to cash. That would be wonderful. Anyone know of any rebates?? I already did Prevacid and Carmex. My CVS doesn't have the product for the Lysol wipes.
    To Date Totals:
    To Date Total Value of Products: $417.49
    Ending Balance: $ 19.66 ($ 3.66 cash and $ 16.00 ECB)
    Spending power decrease from prior week $ 8.11
    In perspective: $50 minus $19.66 = $30.34 .... It's like getting $417.49 of products for this amount. :)

    Anonymous said...

    There's still the Cortaid rebate.

    Anonymous said...

    I didn't really need anything this week, contemplated waiting til Black Friday, but somehow ended up at CVS (I can't stay away!!!)

    I got:

    3 99c Hallmark cards
    1 Turtles 1.99
    1 Nivea Express Hydration lotion, clearance for $4.39 (I saw on WeUseCoupons that this counted towards the buy $10 Nivea get $5 even though it said excludes clearance)
    1 Milk and Honey Nivea Lip balm (more on this later) $2.99
    1 Kiss of Restoration Nivea lip balm $3.39

    $1 Turtles
    $1 Nivea lotion
    2 $1 Nivea lip IPs (from Facebook)
    The Nivea lip coupons wouldn't scan at all, so the cashier had to manually enter them.

    Paid with $3 ECB and $7.25 OOP
    Was expecting to get back $3 for Hallmark, and $5 for the Nivea, but I didn't get the $5 Nivea. I thought it would be the clearance lotion being a problem, but it wasn't, turns out the Milk and honey lip balm didn't count... so weird. So I returned the milk and honey one and bought a different lip balm (milk and honey was wrapped in plastic, not on a paper board, don't know if this makes a difference? It shouldn't...) I bought another one on paper backing, sure enough the $5 printed.

    I have a BUNCH of these Nivea lip balms from deals over the last few months, they'll make great stocking stuffers!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Nice timing on the Advil Q, Deal Seeker. When I find rebates I try to post them on Thursdays and you can find a link to all the ones posted in the right hand side bar here at all times--look under "Coupons" at the end of the list.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Strange, Anon, on the Nivea. Nice stocking stuffers for sure. Well, you had a larger trip than I did even tho it was small. You are right, they always can lure us in, and usually we find more than we planned to get, even tho we don't usually spend more money for it.

    Deal Seeker said...

    Thanks! I think I will do the Cortaid rebate!! :)

    Martha said...

    Somehow, this turned out to be a great week. I found LOTS of face care items on clearance down 50% and that helped stock up again for another beauty club $5 eb. Here are my transactions:

    Transaction #1:
    3 Garnier Moisture Rescue Gel Creams @$5 ea.= $15
    1 Biore Cleanser- clearanced at $3.94
    1 Lumene cream- $3.74
    3 Greeting Cards @$0.99 ea= $2.97
    Total: $25.65

    Coupons used:
    $5/$15 Garnier face purchase from CVS machine=-$5
    $5/$20 Facial Skincare purchase from CVS machine= -$5
    (3) $2/1 Garnier moisturizer= -$6
    Total coupons: $21.74

    Total- coupons: $25.65-$21.74= $3.91 + tax, got $8 eb ($3 from cards, $5 from Garnier, and $22.68 towards the beauty club)- Paid with Swagbucks gift card.

    Transaction #2
    2 Lady Speed Stick Deodorants@ $2.99= $5.98
    Excedrin 8ct- $0.99
    Schick Intuition Razor @ $8.99
    Schick Intuition Cartridges @11.29
    Revlon Eyeshadow @ $4.79
    Revlon Eyeshadow @ $2.39 (b1g1 50%)
    Total: $34.43

    Coupons used:
    (1) $5/$25 Just for U CVS Q from my account
    (2) $1/1 Speed Stick Q (regional Q)
    (2) $5/1 Schick Intuition Razor or Cartridge Printable (no longer available)
    (1) $3/1 Revlon cosmetic CVS Q from email
    (2) $1/1 Revlon Cosmetic from Walmart ad 10/9
    Total Q's: $22.00

    Total- coupons: $34.43- $22.00= $12.43, got $10.99 eb ($4eb from Speed Stick, $3 from razor, $3 from cartridges, $0.99 from Excedrin and $13.16 more towards the beauty club making it $35.84 this week alone so far).

    Transaction #3
    2 Biore Cleanser- clearanced @ $3.94= $7.88
    1 Lumene cream @ $3.74
    2 Nivea lotion- clearanced @ $5.24 ea= $10.48
    Maybelline Baby Lip balm= $3.74
    Maybelline baby Lip balm= $1.89 (b1g1 50%)
    Total: $27.73

    Coupons used:
    $5/$25 Just for U coupon from email acct (I was so happy to see 2 coupons this time!)
    (2) $2/1 Biore product= -$4
    (1) $4/1 Lumene prduct= register took it at $3.79
    (1) $3/2 Nivea lotions= -$3
    (1) $2/1 Maybelline lip product =-$2
    (1) $1/1 Maybelline cosmetic=-$1
    Total coupons: $18.74

    Total- coupons= $27.73- $18.74= $8.99, used $8 eb and paid rest with Swagbucks gift card. Got $5 eb from the Nivea, and added $27.73 for the beauty club, making the total this week $62.57, so I will get ANOTHER $5 eb from Beauty club and be well underway for next week!

    Thanks so much for all the help. Can't wait for Thursday!!!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Wow, Martha, you did have a great week!!! I only did two little deals, lol. You really made out--and those extra beauty club rewards will be ready for you Thursday. Have fun!!

    bridget said...

    3 american greeting
    $75 itunes.

    Expensive week but will increase my spending power Thursday quite a bit.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Bridget, it is funny how with CVSing we often look ahead when shopping. Have a great trip, Thursday!

    Geri f said...

    I did a quick trip last night. I had a rain check where you buy john Frieda foam dye get one styling product for free. Plus a 4 dollar off Cvs coupon for the dye.
    One John Frieda hair dye. 13.49
    One John Frieda hair styler 7.49
    Two greeting cards. 99
    One greetings card 2.99

    Minus 4 dollars cvs coupon
    Minus 12.99 John Frieda dye.
    Minus 7.49 for the styler.
    Total. Was 2.15 with tax and earned my beauty club 5 dollars and 3 from the greeting cards

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Nice, Geri. Rain checks can really make slow weeks great.