Thursday, November 24, 2011

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Black Friday Ad

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeDid you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 10/16 to purchase?  Are you taking the Simply CVS. CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to
CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

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    Deal Seeker said...

    WEEK 11/24/2011 Black Friday Sale ~ $50 CVS Challenge

    Total Spent:  $ 4.50 (including tax)
    Total Saved:  $ 75.60 (without tax)
    Total Value of Products Purchased:  $77.92 (without tax)

    This week's trip's details:
    Finish Quantum 10 ct
    Breath Right
    Benefiber Sticks
    2 Thera Flu caplets - They were out of Thera Flu daytime
    2 Colgate toothpaste
    2 Softlips
    Advil PM
    LA Ink Style Gel
    Cepacol 16 ct
    CVS AAA batteries
    2 GUM toothbrush 2 pk
    Carmex lip balm
    CVS Flosser
    Kleenex tissue box
    Advil 10 ct
    4 Mars single candy bars
    Revlon nail polish
    2 Hersey King size candy

    Trip Notes:
    I'm over $0.84 cents ($50.84) so that ends my $50 challenge. However I still have $29.30 in ECB's! :) Yay! Now if I can only convert that back to cash. lol Cheryl your site is the best! Thanks for everything.
    To Date Totals:
    To Date Total Value of Products: $495.41
    Ending Balance: $ 29.30 ECB
    Total Cash used in this Challenge $50.84 (reflects adding rebates back in minus postage)
    Spending power increase from prior week $9.64
    In perspective: $50.84 cash spent minus $29.30 ECB's remaining .... It's like getting $495.41 worth of products for $21.54 . :)
    What I got during this Challenge:
    Rephresh Tampons 18 ct
    2 Playtex
    Loreal Double Extend Mascara
    4 Airwick
    Herbal Essence Shampoo
    Palmolive dish detergent
    4 Dawn Dish liquid;
    Finish Quantum 10 ct
4 Sensodyne toothpaste
    2 Colgate toothpaste
    2 GUM toothbrush 2 pk
    CVS Flosser
    2 Oral B Floss
3 Revlon Lipstick
 Loreal eyeshadow
Loreal liquid eyeliner
    Physician Formula Foundation
    Physicians Formula Eye Liner 3 pkPencils
    Revlon Eye shadow
    Revlon lipstick
    2 Cover Girl Blush
    2 Rimmel eye pencil
    Maybeline face powder
    2 Revlon nail polish
    2 Softlips
    2 Carmex lip balm
    2 Softsoap hand soap
    Dial 3pk soap
    Skintimate Shave cream
    Hydro 5 razor
    2 Schick 8 ct disposable
    9 Hallmark Card
    2 Aveeno moisturizer 2.5 oz
    4 Olay 2/1 Cloth 33 count
    Olay Foam face wash
    2 Smuckers Strawberry
    Conair 3 in 1 mirror
    LA Ink Style Gel
    Advil Congestion Relief
2 Excedrin 8 ct
    St Jospeh Asprin 36 ct
    CVS Allergy 5 ct
    Breath Right
    Benefiber Sticks
    2 Thera Flu caplets - They were out of Thera Flu daytime
    Advil PM
    Cepacol 16 ct
    Advil 10 ct
    Kleenex tissue box
    2 Hersey King size candy
    4 Mars single candy bars
    2 Gold Emblem candy corn
    4 Starburst
    Newton Thins
    2 Illy Issimo Coffee
    CVS AAA batteries

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    DS, nice finale to your GC challenge. Did you ever think you would get nearly $500 from it all and have so much left over? Now, if you would start another challenge--$50 total say, the $29.30 + cash to equal it, I wonder if you could get even more. Looks like you accumulated a nice little stockpile wit just that $50. Congrats on such a great challenge.

    Deal Seeker said...

    Thanks Cheryl. I never imagined I would only pay abt. 10% of the cost. Many of these things my family uses .... like Sensodyne toothpaste!! That alone retails for about $5.00 each. I got four of them :) Other stuff I purchased I gave to friends and family that could use it. I'm glad I did this challenge. It taught me to tabulate my totals and see how much cash I was actually spending and how to best utilize store sales, SQ's, MQ's , ECB's and rebates. When I first started couponing I favored Walgreens, but now I know CVS is much easier and less stressful. They constantly reward you for shopping there (bag tag, Beauty Club, email coupons and 2% back). Rain checks don't expire and provide ECB's. The magic Red Machine gives me free stuff and additional savings. The clerks are much nicer too. :) Thanks for the suggestion on starting another challenge w/ the ECB's. I've been thinking of different things I can do and haven't decided. A private personal challenge I would like to do but don't know if it is really realistic is to see if I can reverse my cash spending by increasing my spending power then doing rebates to actually make my out of pocket cash spent reverse to zero. :) lol I often shop for Grandma so I could actually spend my ECB's on the things I have to buy for her and she will reimburse me in cash .... :) Another challenge I thought of was to see how much I can get in a year. I started this last CVS challenge on Sept. 7. So I have been debating if I should use that as my start date or start over January 1, 2012. I'm leaning toward Sept 7th because I already have such a good start. :) I really could not have done this without your wonderful sight. You are a generous person. Helping strangers like myself and donating many of your purchases to others. May good come back your way.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    DS, Sarah does just that often--she picks things up for her Grandma (actually watches for sales for her on things she knows she uses) and uses her extra bucks and gets paid in cash--saves Grandma money and turns Sarah's extra bucks into cash.

    Keeping track does make you really look at what you are actually spending and if it is worth it. I love the idea of your new possible challenge--now if there are only enough rebates for you. You know with picking up things for your Grandma you could show her the ad each week so she could see what is on sale she needs--weeks you don't have extra bucks to convert just pick up what she needs with cash (or gift cards earned on MyPoints or Swagbucks).

    I would go with the Sept 7 date--you have worked so hard for that great start. Then again, now that you have learned how to do it so well you may do better in the next 12 months. Did you see my post about ordering e-gift cards and getting some free? Limited time, but if you were going to buy one you could check it out.

    Katie said...

    - I bought 2 Carmex Lip Balm and used a $1/2 coupon.
    - 1 Soft Lips (I had a $2/2 coupon but I went to three stores and the last store was the only had 1)
    - 1 Revlon nail and used one $1 coupon.
    - I bought 1 Benefibers @ $1.49 and used the $3 coupon.
    - I tried to get the two Theraflu products (and I was going to use the $2 coupon) but all three stores were out by 9am today.
    - I bought a Philips Earbuds and the Mars PB Snickers, but no coupon.
    - Lastly, I bought a Colgate Total Care toothpaste and used a $1 coupon.

    I actually used $9 in saved EBs to pay for this order. So in the end I think I paid $2 plus all the taxes.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    K, can be frustrating when plans don't work out, but sounds like you had a nice haul anyways. You didn't say how many ECBs you had when you finished but looks like you came away with at least as many.

    ryann said...

    I went to my CVS at 8am on thursday and there was already a small line outside, mostly friends of the cashiers though i think (my cvs is very pro coupon and very friendly). Anyway, I got the following:

    1 Phillip's Earbuds
    2 Ferrero Rocher (12 pc)
    1 Kleenex Cool Touch
    2 Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Condtioner
    1 Conair Hair Dyer
    1 Nivea Men's Body Wash
    2 Nivea Lip Gloss/Balm
    2 Wet and Wild Nail polish sets
    4 LRG Bags M&Ms
    2 Hershey's Candy (king sized)
    1 Starbucks double shot coffee
    4 M&M Single Bags
    1 CVS Flossers
    3 Revlon nail polish
    2 Planter's Peanuts
    2 Boxes of GM Cereal
    1 Phillip's Universal Remote
    1 Sarah Peyton 4pc spa set
    1 LA Looks Hair Gel
    1 Balance Bar
    2 Listerine Pocket packs
    2 Colgate Toothpaste
    1 Fiberone brownie
    1 softlips chapstick
    2 2pk Gum toothbrush
    1 CVS AA Batteries
    1 Finish Quantum dishwasher detergent
    2 Theraflu Prodcuts
    1 Benefiber Sticks
    1 Breathe right nasal strips
    1 Advil pocket pack
    1 Pepto Bismol
    1 Cepacol
    1 Carmex lip balm
    1 Ichill shots
    1 Excedrin with bonus pack
    1 Bekool kids
    2 Bayer Asprin

    I had to break this down into 3 different transactions.

    I started with $41 ECB/CVS Gift Cards. I spent $8.80 total and saved $231.27. I ended with 37 ECB and should have $5 coming to me from the beauty club.

    :) this is why i love CVS!

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Your totals look almost like mine--only I spent some of ECBs at the end. Great trip, Ryann. I'm looking forward to that $5 beauty club, too, such a nice bonus.

    Katie said...

    So, I went back for a second day of shopping..

    I had $13.49 EB earned from yesterday's purchases. Today I bought the Wet & Wild Festive Nail Polish Set that was $2.88 and I bought the 0.5oz Heat Rush by Beyonce.

    I earned $2 EB from the nail polish set and in 2 days, I will be earning $5 from the Beauty Club.

    Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

    Nice way to use those great ECBs you had and to roll more than half of them into more.