Monday, November 7, 2011

SavingStar Coupons ~ A Great Way to Get More Out of CVS Shopping

SavingStarIf you haven't signed up yet for SavingStar you may want to do it soon--if you  have be sure and attach the coupons to your CVS card.  There are some coupons listed this month that coincide with CVS deals.  You just have to sign up, add your store loyalty cards, select the coupons to attach to your card and when you purchase that item in the store the money goes into your account--when you have $5 you can cash in.  The coupons do not affect your use of paper coupons at all nor does it affect your total at the store.  I stop in every week or so to see if any new coupons have been added and grab any that are offered--because you never know what deal may come along.

You can see a list of the coupons in this earlier post:  November Saving Star Coupons ~ Load Them to Your CVS Extra Care Card for Added Savings or go directly to SavingStar.

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