Monday, November 14, 2011

Remember to Enter the $25 Coupon Clipping Subscription Giveaway @ Simply CVS ~ Ends 11/15 Noon Eastern

Florida Coupon ClippingFlorida Coupon Clipping has offered a $25 subscription (a total of 165 coupons of the winner's choice over a 90 day period) to one of our readers here at Simply CVS. Check out this post $25 Coupon Clipping Subscription Giveaway ~ Sponsored by Florida Coupon Clipping, and leave a comment there to enter (see details in post).

Elena's service is a little different than the average clipping service in that she offers subscriptions for a set number of coupons to be sent to you as you choose, over a period of time--75 - 90 days (a couple examples:  $10 = 50 coupons; $25 =  165 coupons; $80 = 900 coupons).  Then you order when coupons you need are available, pay nothing at that time, not even shipping, and you receive your coupons.  I don't order coupons too often, but when I do I love the convenience of the subscription service—quick and easy to jump in, order and jump out (I love simplicity).

You can order a subscription at Florida Coupon Clipping and try it for
yourself.  Until Black Friday Elena is offering 15% off her largest Subscriptions:  #5 & #6. 

Attention Bloggers:  Florida Coupon Clipping has an affiliate program if you are interested in sharing the service with your readers.  It's easy to sign up and Elena is quick at answering questions.

This giveaway is sponsored by Florida Coupon Clipping.  

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