Thursday, November 24, 2011

My CVS Shopping Trip Black Friday ~ Trip #13 of the $50 Gift Card Challenge

I guess you could say this was a "Lucky 13" trip for my gift card challenge.  Probably the biggest in terms of money makers and total amount saved.

Because of the Holiday Weekend, and wanting to be spending extra time with my family, I am giving a brief, rather than in-depth, shopping report for this trip.

I spent $.24 plus tax ($8.48) and saved $222.34--by paying with the gift card I earned on Swagbucks I really had not out of budget cost.  I started out
with $14.99 in extra bucks and came home with $21.82.  I had two $5/25's and $6 /30 health care so I had to check out at least 3 times--some of the Revlon did not ring up right and the extra bucks did not print so I had to return them and re-ring it, making an extra transaction.

I used some of the extra bucks I earned from the money makers for the Match-box cars for Operation Christmas Child boxes and the electric razor for hubby's Christmas as a final transaction.  I actually had two coupons a friend sent me for buy 2 get 1 free Mars candy bar that would have worked great with the ECB deal to get more candy free, but I decided to only use one and have it be a 75 cent money maker instead of two more free candy bars.

Along with the cars, the toothbrushes & toothpaste, and perhaps the lip items & batteries (with a flashlight) will go in my Operation Christmas Child Stockpile for 2012.  I will be sharing after the Holidays my plans for uping my donations in 2012 and will be sharing ideas for how we can share our stockpile overages in our communities and abroad.  I was glad to get a jump start on it.

I am currently doing a $50 Beginner's CVS Gift Card Challenge seeing how much I can get for a $50 gift card I earned on Swagbucks with a new CVS Extra Care Card just like a new shopper would be able to get.

$50 Beginner's CVS Gift Card Challenge Balances:

Total Saved:  $ 764.17  (including tax)
Total Spent:  $  30.01 (including tax)
Total Value of Products Purchased:  $ 745.23 -- sale prices (without tax)
Gift Card Balance:  $ 30.56
Extra Buck Balance:  $ 21.82 (I began with no extra bucks with this gift card)
Gift Card Balances from GCs earned with this card: $9.43
Total CVS Spending Power:  $61.81

This week's trip's details:

No breakdown reporting of transactions this week due to time restraints with the Holiday weekend.

Saved:  $ 222.34 + $ 6.54 tax = $  228.88 (some of my tax is paid on coupon values, this is the tax on the total product less the tax I paid--that is all I saved on tax)
Spent:  $ .24 + $ 8.48 tax = $ 8.72
Beginning Extra Bucks Balance: $ 14.99
Ending Extra Bucks Balance:  $  21.82

Check out these and all ofthis year's Black Friday Deals (the deals run thru Saturday).  Also, read how I have learned (from others) how to "stack" the coupons in the right order to pay for tax.  Some states have to pay tax on extra buck usage and some don't so it may or may not affect your CVS shopping.  And if you don't have any, or many, extra bucks check out how to have the least out of pocket cash when beginning or check out these scenarios for spending less than $5 or $10 out of pocket for several items.

You can read about all of my CVS shopping trips or check out readers' trips.

Step by Step CVS Shopping for Beginners

I started a step by step lesson series on how to begin CVS shopping as I am beginning as a "new shopper" with a new card and no extra bucks this month and will share what I am doing.

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If you haven't joined us in the Simply CVS gift card challenge we'd love to have you do so.  Check out the details in this introductory post:  Join the Simply CVS Gift Card Challenge.  If you have joined already, leave a comment below with your most recent trip and/or totals.  If you blog about your challenge trip leave a link below directly to your challenge shopping trip or the post introducing your challenge.  I would love it if you would add the Challenge button like the one here in your post or on your blog so your readers can join us and see what everyone is doing on their challenge (the code can be found in the right hand side bar at the bottom).

Earn CVS Gift Cards Online

If you haven't worked on earning free CVS gift cards online yet, now would be a great time with Holiday shopping just around the corner.  Click the banner below and you can see a few different sources I earn CVS gift cards from, along with free Paypal, to help with my CVS shopping (they offer other prizes, but CVS gift cards are my favorite).  If you'd like to learn how to earn more Swagbucks towards your prizes check out the Index to the Swag Bucks 101 Series of posts.


Debi said...

I am looking for the wooden castle blocks for my kids. None of the CVSs in my area even got them. I have found them on-line but want to make sure that I get credit towards my free gift cards and I can't seem to figure out how to get the ECB to work on-line. Can anyone help me?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Debi, CVS online is totally different than in store--you will not get credit.

J Rodney said...

Wow, Cheryl I am impressed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ami said...

Does anyone know when the "free dr.pepper" coupon expires? I cant seem to find mines,not sure if it expired and i threw it away...and i went to cvs today and saw bogo free dr.pepper! thanks

Ami said...

btw cheryl,i didnt see the theraflu that was 1.87 in your pic did ya get it?there was two coupons..$3 off wyb two theraflu,which i used on the 1.87 box and the .99 cent one(made it free),and the other coupon was $2off wyb multi symptom theraflu,so i got two more .99 cent theraflus for free!plus i made 1.87eb & .99cents eb! hope its helpful..oh and wyb the 1.87 theraflu it has a coupon $1 off inside :)

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Ami, our store was already out of it.

Deal Seeker said...

Amazing haul Cheryl! My store was out of the Theraflu .99 too.

Unknown said...

Cheryl-I knew you were going to do this awesome trip. I read it on your post and was planning my own deal, but I am sick! :( Yikes I hope to feel better tomorrow. Great Awesome Super job!!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear you are sick. And the timing is not too good for CVSing is it? Hope you are well soon and just perhaps you'll make it into the store tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Was anyone else told the CVS would not issue rainchecks for the deals this weekend?

Anonymous said...

I was told that they do not give any rain checks...

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

My manager said as long as it is a regularly carried item they issue rain checks. You could call 800shopcvs and ask what their policy is about this. They are very friendly and helpful.