Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kodak Calendar: Possibly Combine CVS Sale & Printable Coupon Week of 11/27

Okay, I don't do the photo thing at CVS much so I am not totally clear on this deal--but it may be something you want to check into.  But this morning I saw the following the coupon and went looking for a CVS deal it might match.  The week of 11/27 CVS has 20% of Photo Gifts.  It is in the ad and also has a promo code to do it online and ship free to store.  The printable coupon shows "8 x 10 Kodak 12-month Calendar" and "Kodak Picture Kiosk."  So I am thinking you can make these in the store on the Kiosk, that these will be 20% off the week of 11/27 and that this $5 coupon can be used.

Here is the CVS.com photo link with the calendars.  If anyone has more information I would love to hear it.

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