Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dollar Deals for The Weekly Ad of 11/27/2011

Here are the CVS deals for a dollar or under for the weekly ad of 11/27.  There are lots of ways to save money while shopping at CVS even without coupons or extra bucks. Here is a list of sale items for $1 or under -- some have coupons and extra bucks to make them $1 or under, but many are on sale for that price.

Not much this week, looks like they put it all in the Black Friday Ad last week.

$1 Select Grocery Items -- varies by store

Xtra Laundry Detergent $1.49

$1/2 Xtra Laundry Detergents, any - 11-13-11 SS

$1 or Less items included in the $10 free gift card deal (some require coupons to $1):

Puffs tissues 95-108ct. or Puffs Plus 48-72ct. $0.99

Dawn Dish liquid 9-10.3 oz $0.99 
$0.25/1 Dawn (P&G 11/27)
$0.50/1 Dawn (P&G 10/30) *exp 11/30/2011* 

Mars Chocolate or Hershey's Singles (Buy2G1Free)

Nips 4 oz $0.99

Nestle Singles (B2G1Free)

Glade air freshener or Scented Oil warmer 1ct. $0.99
$2/2 any Glade Products CVS Coupon Printable

If you count the gift card received off the price as the final net cost these ones would be:

Oral-B Cross Action Power toothbrush 1ct. or replacement heads 2pk. $4.99$3/1 Oral-B battery toothbrush (P&G 11/27)

Pantene shampoo, conditioner 12.6 oz or styler 5.7-11.5 oz 2/$6.97$3/2 Pantene ets (P&G 11/27)
$3/2 Pantene Products (P&G 10/30) *exp 11/30/2011*

Extra buck deals that will be $1 or less after extra bucks (some require coupons):

Get $8.99 ECB wyb Complete Multi-purpose solution 12 oz $8.99 Limit 1

Get $2 ECB wyb (2) Mentos Pure White or or Pure Fresh 2/$5 Limit 1
$1/2 Mentos Gum Bottles (SS 10/9) 
$0.55/1 Mentos Gum Bottles (SS 10/9)

Some of these might be, or very close:  Get $2 ECB wyb any Colgate Optic White (excludes clearance items) Limit 2
$1.50/1 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste (SS 11/13) 

SS—Smartsource, RP—RedPlum, P&G—Proctor & Gamble, GM—General Mills, ECB—extra bucks  WYB—When you buy

Remember, printables can reach their print limit at which time they will no longer be available.  CVS Deals Disclaimer

Check out all the weekly CVS deals for 11/27 in the coupon match-ups posts and hot deal alerts brought throughout the week.  If you'd like to find other coupons for the CVS weekly sale items that I do not match-up each week, check out this post with instructions on where to find them for yourself.  Simply CVS is part of the grocery gathering at BeCentsAble


MansfieldMomma said...

Guess they couldn't give use 2 good weeks of ECB deals in a row :(

I loaded up this week! I love CVS and your blog. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

hey can someone help ,not sure what to i ordered bayer coupons and i wnted to use them during the black friday deal (.99 cents)so that i can get them free..but i went to about 5 cvs's and they were all out:( I figured I'd get a raincheck,first 2 stores wdnt let me,but finally one did and i got a raincheck for 40 bayers lol because my $1.50 coupons would give me that much but am i allowed to?they dont say "only 4 like coupons" or anything like that..would I have to do a bunch of seperate trans?...Thanks

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks, Kelly, for letting me know you like Simply CVS & it is helpful. You are very welcome, glad to help.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Anon, I think that will be up to the store. As long as the coupons don't state a limit it should be okay. You may want to talk to a manager and ask if they can order them for you and explain you have the RC and coupons. I have never heard of them writing one for such a large amount. so I would check it out so you aren't disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cheryl,I've never gotten a raincheck that big!But i figured it was worth a try,however the first cvs i went to only gave me a rain check for FOUR,they said that was there limit.So i tried again at another and the woman at the register said its ok & there wasnt a limit,there was even another worker that was surprised that i wanted 40,,,neither said it was a problem.Im worried it might not work,and that i ordered them for no reason:(( Thanks Cheryl again were all so lucky to have ya!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely call and ask before i make a trip!

Anonymous said...

OK so i contacted CVS via email and they gave me a copy of there rain check policy,i figured I'd share it with ya!

Thank you for contacting CVS. I am happy to assist. I have included a copy of our raincheck policy for you. If any further questions or comment, please call us at 1-800-746-7287.

Rainchecks DO NOT expire and should be accepted at any location. Rainchecks guarantee price and NOT availability. For this reason substitutions can be authorized by store management.
Limits are placed on items when absolutely necessary and at the manager?s discretion or when a limit is noted in the sale flyer. WE do not special order.
We will not entertain a request for a rain check on an exorbitant amount of product.
3, 4 and 6 day sale items are eligible for a raincheck if a substitute item is not available.
Rainchecks should not be offered on items not regularly carried in the store and for sale items only.
A raincheck issued for a CVS coupon item will extend the coupon expiration date.

CVS Customer Relations

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks, Janine, for sharing this with us!

Crystal said...

I also have a ton of the $1.50 bayer coupons. Since I have the greatest store manager ever who loves to accomodate her couponers, she gladly gave me a raincheck for 30 bottles and special ordered them for me. It's just up to each store manager to make the call.

Anonymous said...

Crystal,you do :( and I'm jealous,Im really having a hard time with the bayer.The last store manager I spoke to told me not only can i get in trouble but the store can too,and something about it can become a "federal" issue...I guess because its medicine?He also said that this CANT and SHOULDN'T be done..any suggestions?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Anon, I would call 800shopcvs and ask them about it. They are great, and they may be able to shed some light on how it can be a federal issue.