Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TAKEN: 100 Point Bonus Sign Up Link for Super Points ~ Sign Up & Start Earning Free Paypal or Gift Cards

I just won a bonus 100 point referral link at Superpoints: http://superpoints.com/wrpgs/kqp1a0.  TAKEN--but see links below to find non-bonus links (and perhaps bonus ones from other readers) .It is a one-time use link for one person only.  When you sign up you will get 100 points immediately (if this link is already taken there are more in the post links below--it is by referral only).  Be sure and fill in
your basic information and confirm your email to be able to start earning even more.

Since JRFrugalMom, over at Frugality is Free, introduced me to Super Points earlier this year I have been able to cash in for several Amazon Gift Cards.  I can get all the free paper and ink I need for printing great coupons for my CVS shopping.  I know many readers have cashed in for PayPal for cash to shop at CVS.

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