Friday, October 21, 2011

Superpoint 25 Bonus Points for One New Member ~ If You Haven't Signed Up Yet, Now is the Time

I just won this one time Superpoints new member link for 25 bonus points.  If you go thru this link ( ) and sign up you will get an extra 25 points just for signing up.  Be sure and fill out your information as soon as you sign up to increase daily spins to 30, to receive daily emails with bonus points, and have the privilege of earning points thru surveys.  For a complete introduction to Superpoints check out this post:  Introduction to Superpoints.  That code is good for 48 hours only and for only one new member.   (Superpoints is by invite only):

Check out this post for current links and share your links there--please do not share links on this post:

Superpoints ~ Great Way to Earn Amazon GCs, Paypal or Others ~ Share Your Referral Links

I earn Amazon gift cards on Superpoints and use them to buy paper and ink for my printer for all  my coupon printing.  And I have lots left over for Christmas shopping.  They also offer Paypal, Walmart and other gift cards.


Anonymous said...
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Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Anon, you can share two referral links here:
So I moved two of yours to there and deleted your comment here.