Monday, October 3, 2011

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip & Gift Card Challenge Balances for the Weekly Ad of 10/2/2011

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeDid you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 10/2 to purchase?  Are you taking the Simply CVS. CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

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If you'd like to see some saavy shopping at other stores, or if you'd like to link up your CVS deals trips to other places here are a few to check out.  If you are a blogger and have a weekly savings linky and would like it added, leave a link to it in a comment below and I will add it.


Deal Seeker said...

WEEK 5 ~ $50 CVS Challenge

Beginning Balance: $ 35.13($15.16 Cash, $19.97 ECB)
Total Spent:  $1.85 (including tax)
ECBs Used: $6.99
Extra Bucks Earned: $2 for Floss;$2 for taking pledge;$5 Reward Summer Spending
Total Saved:  $ 23.37(without tax)
Total Value of Products Purchased:  $ 24.53 (without tax)
Ending Balance: $ 37.84($15.86 cash and $21.98 ECB) Cash increased since I did rebate on Carmex. $2.99 minus .44 postage = add $2.55
Spending power: increased from last week $2.71

This week's trip details:
$ 6.00 2 Oral B Floss; MQ $2, $2 ECB earned $2
$ .99 x 4 Dawn Dish liquid; MQ $0.50 x 4
$1.99 Skintimate Shave cream; MQ 1.00; SQ 1.00
$3.39 Carmex lip balm; MQ $0.30; mail-in rebate 2.99-.44postage=$2.55 add to cash balance
$1.19 KitKat (screwed up on my addition. I was 3 cents in the negative. I just grabbed this by the register.
Trip Notes:
Those pennies count! Apparently I didn't get my addition right by three cents. This messed up my check out so I quickly grabbed a KitKat bar. Oh well I need to remember those few pennies do matter when I do my addition.
To Date Totals:
To Date Total Value of Products: $216.21
To Date Total Cash Spent: $36.69(including tax) but minus $2.55 for rebate = $34.14
To Date Total Saved: 186.88 (without tax)

Deal Seeker said...
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gbart186 said...

Thanks to Simply CVS, this was my CVS shopping trip for 10/2:

Skippy - 3/$5.00-Q $.60/2=$4.40
Gillette 2in-1 - $3.99-Q $2.00=$1.99
Skintimate $1.99-Q $1.00=$.99
Sure -$3.49 (BOGO)$1.75 each
Transformers 3 DVD - $16.99
Total: $27.86 + tax

Minus $13.00 quarterly CVS coupon in email and $2.00 CVS coupon in email for pledging not to be a money trasher on facebook.

The total w/tax was $13.63

I just started blogging so my blog is very small right now, but I owe all of my savings to Simply CVS and I always put a link on my posts. Thank you so much!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Deal Seeker, love the spending power increasing like that. Great week for you. I am contemplating getting the Carmex since I actually have two $4/20 coupons.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

gbart, great variety! I love to get food at CVS to help with the grocery budget. Thanks for linking to Simply CVS on your blog. I started another blog quite a while back after being asked so many questions about blogging. Perhaps you'll find something there to help you get into the blogging world: . I haven't posted anything since my sister died, but there are a lot of resources there and tips.

Anonymous said...

So much for a "I might skip CVS this week" week...

3 bags Nestle fun sized candy-$2.50 ea
2 bags M&Ms harvest mix-$2.50 ea
1 Filipo Berio olive oil-$3.99
2 Dawn dish soap-97c ea
1 Schick Hydro razor-$8.99
$1.50/3 Nestle (IP)
$1.50/2 M&Ms (IP)
$1.00 Filipo Berio (IP)
2 X 25c Dawn (Home Made Simple)
$5 Schick (IP)
Paid with previous $17 ECB and 23cents out of pocket! :)
Got back:
$1-green bag tag

4 Dove shampoo/conditioner-$3 ea
1 Dove Ultimate deodorant-$3.49
1 clearance red party cups, 80 cups for $1.62!!
1 BOGO Dove (RP) -$3
2 75c Dove haircare (IP)
$1 Dove deodorant (RP)
Paid with $10 ECB and $1.71 out of pocket
Got back $5 from Dove

So my ECBs have dramatically shrunk (from ~$20 to $5...) but I think I got some great stuff! And I'm sure I'll build them up again... which is part of the fun anyway :)

Katie said...

5 Garnier Fructis - 5/$15
1 Schick Hydro - $8.29

Coupons Used:
CVS mailer - $4/$20
5 Garnier Fructis - $1.00
1 Schick Hydro - $5.00

Used $10 ECB, Earned $8 ECB, OOP $0.55

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

LOL, Anon, been there done that. Looks it it turned into a great week for you. Sometimes those extra bucks do shrink dramatically and it can be nerve racking. Hopefully we'll have some great weeks coming up.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Nice, Katie, you cam away with almost the same extrabucks--those $4/20's really help in that area.

Kristen said...

More OOP than I would like but still got some good deals (I am thinking that I ended up spending more because I didn't want the $4/$20 to go to waste):

Transaction #1
2 Mr Clean Eraser-$2.50 each
-$1 MQ
2 Mr. Clean Multi Purpose cleaner-$2.50 each
-$1 MQ
1 Bounce Sheets-$5.97
-75c MQ
(earned $5 ECB for 5 products above)
2 Skippy PB-$1.66 each
-60c MQ
1 Charmin 16 pack-$10
-25c MQ

Used $4/$20
Paid with $15 ECB and $6.69 (+$1.88 tax) OOP

Transaction #2
1 Dove Shampoo $3.00
1 Dove Cond $3.00
-B1G1 $3 MQ
1 Lever 2000 Bar Soap $6
-50c MQ
1 Dove Deo $3.49
-$1 MQ
(Received $5 ECBs for above products)
1 Ponds Towelettes $5.88
-$1 CVS coupon
-$1 MQ
(Received $2 ECBs)

Used $4/$20
Paid with $6.50 ECBs + $4.37 (+$1.23 tax)

Transaction #2 brought up a question I have wondered about with CVS. What is considered "beauty" in CVS world? I had a $5/$15 off on beauty products. I gave it to the cashier after the $4/$20 and before the ECBs and coupons and it didn't go through. I thought the shampoo. cond, soap and deo fell under "beauty" but thinking since it beeped I was wrong with that assumption....or is there something else in this transaction that would make it beep? Thanks for your help.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Kristen, some weeks it takes a little more out of pocket to get the best savings overall--those $4/20's are great. Here is what is listed as working on the beauty club promotion: Qualifying Beauty purchases include items from the following categories: Cosmetics, Ethnic Hair Care, Fragrances, Hair Accessories, Hair Appliances, Hair Care, Hair Color, Healthy Skin Care, Hosiery, Skin Care and Sun Care. I am thinking the deodorant was not (from this list) and not sure about the soap unless it is considered skincare. Those can be confusing.

Kristen said...

That makes sense, Cheryl. Thank you. I probably should've asked before trying but live and learn. It would've been a great deal had I figured it better.

Pat said...

Deal Seeker,
What used to trip up my calculations was the tax. It can be tricky! When you look at your receipt where it shows how you paid with ECBs.. some will say CVS MFR COUPON and others CVS COUPON.

The ones that just say "CVS COUPON" reduce the taxable amount. They're usually the extra care bucks from the Beauty Club, Green Bag Tag, or the $2 "Money Trasher" promotion ECB's.. the ECB's you got from your spending last quarter are probably CVS COUPON(s) too. Hope this helps!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Yes, Pat, and also the extra bucks printed by the cashier for rainchecks, etc. all take the tax off.