Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Procter & Gamble Coupon Insert Preview for the Week of

Here is the preview for the Proctor & Gamble Coupon insert for the week of 10/16/2011.  You will see reference to it in my posts as P&G 10/16.

Align $3/1 product
Bounty $.25/1 towels or napkins
Charmin $.25/1 product
Cheer $.50/1 product
Clairol $2/1 hair color
Covergirl $1/1 product
Crest $.75/1 Rinse 440 mL+
Crest $.75/1 toothpaste 4oz+ or liquid gel (excludes Cavity, Baking Soda and Tartar)
Duracell $.50/1 Coppertop, Ultra Power, Ultra Photo Lithium or specialty batteries
Duracell $1.50/1 rechargeable batteries, charger or 6pk+ hearing aid
Era $.50/1 product
Gain $.50/1 detergent or fabric enhancer
Gain $1.50/both detergent AND fabric enhancer
Gillette $2/1 Mach3 disposable 3ct, Sensor3 4ct or Custom Plus3 4ct
Gillette $3/1 Mach3 disposable 6ct, Sensor3 8ct or Custom Plus3 8ct
Mr. Clean B2G1 any products up to $3.49
Oral-B $10/1 Vitality or other rechargeable electric toothbrush
Oral-B $5/1 replacement bush heads 3ct+
Puffs $.25/3 singles or $.25/1 3-pack
Satin Care $.55/1 shave gel or in shower moisturizer
Venus $2/1 razor or one Venus or Daisy disposable razor
Keep in mind that some coupons are regional and the lists may not be exactly what you will get, but usually I have gotten way over 90% of the list.  If you have any need for extra coupons you can purchase them from one of the following clipping services:  My Coupon Hunter, The Coupon Carry Out or Collectable Coupons.  They usually have these up to order before Sunday.  Thanks to Jasper44  at We Use Coupons for posting the Sunday Proctor & Gamble coupon insert preview list.

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Melissa said...

Wow, I thought P&G inserts only came once a month.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

They usually do, Melissa, either the last or first Sunday, but they had this listed in the previews at WUC.