Saturday, October 1, 2011

Playskool Coupon Insert Preview for 10/2/2011 ~ Makes a Total of Six Inserts for This Week

Here is the preview for the Playskool Coupon insert for the week of 10/2/2011.  You will see reference to it in my posts as PS 10/2.  This means there should be six inserts in your paper this Sunday. Click the banner to see all the coupon insert posts.
Don't forget to check for current printables from, too, as they have been updated for the new month.

Captain America Disc Launching Shield $5.00/1 (11/15/11)
Chuck & Friends Flip the Bounce Back Racer $5.00/1 (11/4/11)
Chuck & Friends race along chuck $5.00/1 (11/4/11)
Earth's Best Sesame Street products $2.00/2 (12/31/11)
My Little Pony So Soft Pinkie Pie :Learn to Walk" toy or one Pinkie Pie's RC
Car $5.00/1 (11/4/11)
Play-Doh Sesame Street Color Mixer toy $5.00/1 (11/4/11)
Play-Doh Twirl'n Top Pizza Shop or one Play-Doh 24 pack of colors $3.00/1 (11/4/11)
Playskool Heroes toy $2.00/1 (11/4/11)
Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper or one Bounce'n Ride toy from playskool $5.00/1 (11/4/11)
Spider-Man motorized string web shooter $5.00/1 (11/15/11)
Strawberry Shortcake Berry Cruiser RC or Berry Bitty Market Toy $5.00/1 (11/4/11)
Tonka XT Ricochet Tricksters R/C $5.00/1 )11/14/11)
Transformer Rescue-Bots fire station prime $5.00/1 (11/4/11)
Weebles Turn & Tumble Home from Playskool $5.00/1 (11/4/11)

Keep in mind that some coupons are regional and the lists may not be exactly what you will get, but usually I have gotten way over 90% of the list.  If you have any need for extra coupons here are a couple of clipping services you can purchase them from :  My Coupon Hunter or Coupon Dede.  Thanks to Cpontes at We Use Coupons for posting this coupon insert preview list.

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