Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pam Cooking Spray Money-Back Guarantee Printable Rebate Form ~ Expires 4/27/12

Here is a new printable rebate form for Pam Cooking Spray.  It is a **money back guarantee if you "don't believe our new formula is better than the bargain brand, we'll give you a full refund (up to $4)."  I have seen Pam Spray at my CVS store so I assume most carry it.  So if you would like to take the challenge to see if it is better than the bargain brand now would be a good time and it would be a great way to turn some of your extra bucks into cash if aren't convinced.  See all the details in this printable rebate form:  Pam Cooking Spray Better Performace Money-Back Guarantee.

* In testing the release of baked muffins in trays sprayed with new PAM, old PAM, and bargain cooking sprays, new PAM demonstrated on average
more than 70% better no-stick performance than bargain sprays and the old PAM formula. Results at 95% confidence level.

** Offer limited to one rebate request per household or address. Up to $4.00 by mail. Offer expires 4/27/12.

Pat, a Simply CVS reader recently shared with us how she uses rebates to increase her spending power while shopping at CVS.  This series of rebates posts is to help you be able to take advantage of saving even more while shopping at CVS. Whenever I find a printable rebate or know of one that can be found in CVS I will post it.  You can find all the rebate offer posts by clicking the banner above.

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