Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Note from Cheryl: Simply Share ~ A New Sunday Series at Simply CVS

As long time readers of Simply CVS know, I love to give out of my abundance, as many of you do, and couponing and CVSing helps me be able to do just that.  I have been trying to figure out a way to promote our collective giving here at Simply CVS and have been throwing the idea of Simply Share around in my mind.  If you have been around long, you know, also, that I love to keep things simple, thus you will see that word "simply" around here a lot.  I haven't really come up with a series yet for this but I do have something I want to work towards for the rest of this year that fits right in with sharing.

As most of you know my brother-in-law was injured in a 4-wheeling accident in the middle of August. He was
released to go home a couple of weeks ago and is able to walk for short distances in the house without a walker. He is expected to be able to consider returning to work the end of next month. That will be past the time his family leave will run--so he is concerned his job may not still be there, or that he may not be able to do the heavy lifting and 12 hour shifts required in his position in the medical field that soon. With the missed work, hospital, doctor, ambulance therapy bills on top of other unexpected expenses in this type of situation I would like to be able to help more than we are able to. A reader mentioned having a fund raiser for him.

Because of personal health issues I cannot go out and plan and run a fund raiser, but I thought I could use Simply CVS to do one.  As a blogger I have affiliate offers available to me from MySavings Media, Escalate Network, and Commission Junction that I do not participate in and post about here because they would not help you readers save while shopping at CVS--the purpose of this site. But some of you may find many of them interesting and helpful.

For the remainder of the year each Sunday I will post about one of these affiliate offers.  Any income I generate from them will go directly to my brother-in-law's needs.  It may be enough to fill his tank with gas for getting to work, a week's worth of groceries when he is able to get cooking once again (he is a great cook) or  perhaps it will generate enough to help offset some of his bills.  I have no idea what to expect, but I know that anything I can share with him will help out.

Since I don't normally post on Sunday I choose that day to post just one Simply Share post with the "fund raiser" banner included.  Readers then can know to ignore it if they would like to or check it out to see what cool offer may be available.  Some offers will require a purchase, but many will only require signing up for a program or an offer.  I ask that you please participate only in those offers you are truly interested in.


cobe1953 said...

GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks, Cobe. I was hoping it could help out my BIL and also not interfere with all the great CVS info.

J Rodney said...

That's an excellent idea Cheryl!

Elena said...

You know you'll always have this affiliate over here to help whenever needed :)
Hope it all works out.