Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Coupon Clipping Site Opened by Reader of Simply CVS ~ Florida Coupon Clipping

Elena, a reader of Simply CVS, recently emailed to let me know she has started a new coupon clipping site:  Florida Coupon Clipping.  Selling coupons is illegal, but it is legal to collect, clip, sort and mail out coupons to customers who pay for your time and service.  Having extra coupons can help a CVS shopper save even more.

Elena's service is a little different than the average clipping service in that you buy a subscription for a set number of coupons to be sent to you over a period of time.  Then you order when you want some, pay nothing at that time, not even shipping, and you receive your coupons.  My Coupon Hunter has this same service, and I have found it very convenient and simple--and you all know I am about simplicity.  My Coupon Hunter will be closing in mid-December, so I am glad to  know Florida Coupon Clipping
will be there to replace the subscription service I have come to enjoy.  I don't order coupons too often, but when I do I love the convenience of the subscription service.

I've asked Elena to tell us a little about her service.  In her own words:

Florida Coupon Clipping is a web based clipping service out of Gainesville, FL.  We run a subscription type service. What does that mean? Well, you basically purchase a subscription for a certain amount of coupons and you have so many days to complete it.  For example subscription #1 is $10 and it gives you 50 coupons and you have 75 days to get all those coupons.  Remember you are not paying for the coupons themselves, you are paying for the time it takes for me to find, clip, and send the coupons.  I coupon myself. I have been for about a year now and love every second of it.  Wether your bill comes to $1000 and you bring it down to $100 or if it comes to $100 and you bring it down to $30, the point is you do not have to do crazy shopping trips to be able to save, you can do little ones every week (that's what I do).  You build your stockpile slowly. 

I just want people to know that I am here to help, if you run out of a coupon and you see that my site is out of stock, simply send me an email, there's always a chance that I can get more.  I run my own website, I clip all the coupons, and I send them myself.  I don't charge and other kind of fees, shipping is always free unless you want them sent priority or overnight, then that is extra.  New coupons go up every Sunday.  I try to put them up by 7 pm so it gives you a chance to order so they can be shipped by Monday.

Elena is offering a 10% off discount for all subscriptions placed before 11/2 (will come off automatically at check out).  She is also offering an additional 5% discount to readers of Simply CVS thru 10/31.  Just enter this code at checkout:  SIMPLYCVS at Forida Coupon Clipping.


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the Florida Coupon Clipping service. I will pass on the good news to my friends.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great, Latrell, thanks!