Saturday, October 29, 2011

How Does a Buy One Get 50% Off CVS Sale Work?

Which items will be reduced to 50% at CVS when you are purchasing items of different values in a B1G1 50% off sale?  This question has come up a lot this week as we prepare for the Covergirl sale and the use of the $8/2 CG coupons and the Spend $30 get $10 gift card deal.  I have rarely bought any of these deals, and when I did I would just check out two at a time to be sure I got the best deals--but that is not always convenient.  So I asked around to find the answer for us all.  Here is what I know:

  • Two items of the same price:  obviously one will ring up at half.
  • Four or more items--purchased in pairs of the same price (example:  2 @ $3, 2 @ $4, 2 @ $6):  the second price of each pair of like prices will be reduced to 50% (from example:  one @ $1.50, 1 @ $2, 1 @ $3).
  • Two items different prices:  lower priced item reduced to 50%.
  • Four or more items all of different prices:  no one knew for sure, but more than one person thought the lowest priced items would be reduced to 50% off.

If you have an experience with these types of sales at CVS we would love for you to leave a comment and let us know.


Robin said...

Does anyone know when they are counting the $30 spent on Covergirl products is it after the 50%. For example if I purchase 6 $5 items, is that equal the $30 or will I have to purchase 8 $5 items?


Elise said...

How is the $30 total for a gift card calculated in a B1G1 50% off situation? I'm assuming that the total would need to be $30 after the B1G1 50% off discounts are taken?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Robin & Elise, it is the sub-total before you start paying. So when they hit that total button it will take off the 50% and your sub-total (before tax) would have to be $30 to get the gift card. So yes, it is with the sale price not the full price.

Carey said...

Thank you Cheryl!! What you shared makes perfect sense!

Mary said...

I believe that also goes for any $$ off $$ CVS coupons. Also CHECK YOUR RECEIPT BEFORE LEAVING THE STORE ... I've done two different $10 ECB/gc wyb $30 that feature B1G1 50% off. It will discount like items, regardless of price, but will not automatically discount two different items even if their the same price. i.e. today I purchased 10 Sally Hansen products, 5 nail polishes ($2.99 ea.), 2 nail clippers (finger clippers $4.99, toe clippers $5.99), and 1 pr tweezers $2.99 ... My receipt showed that $4.99 clippers were reduced to $2.49, but the tweezers nor one of the nail polishes were discounted. So I am taking them back tomorrow. Now i wonder if 'discounted/clearance' items affect this type sale? If so, then that clarifies why tweezers weren't reduced further, cause they were already marked down 50%. I didn't notice ad saying excludes clearance items, but then again I wasn't expecting anything to be on clearance. Usually its opposite with CVS, their clearance items end up being reduced further. I still bought it 50% off, but it was last set of tweezers or else I'm sure 2nd pair would've been reduced.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

thanks, Mary, for those details--will help us all know what to watch for.