Monday, October 31, 2011

CVS Clearance Deals Found the Week of 10/30

I saw a few things on clearance. In the diet aisle I found Glucerna Oatmeal Raisin Mini Snack Bars 25% off. As well as CVS Liquid Nutrition Chocolate Shake Mix 25% off.

In the hair care aisle I found the above Conair Brush/comb set 50% off.

If you found anything else leave a comment for others to join in on the savings. Also there are still a number of items from past weeks , so if you haven’t checked our clearance posts for past weeks you may wish to check them out, and some will probably be a larger % off than mentioned in the original post. I hope you find lots of clearance deals you can use. lSarahl


Jen said...

Does the brush count towards the beauty club?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Jen, these things are included in the beauty club--so I would guess yes:

Hair Accessories, Hair Appliances, Hair Care, Hair Color,

Cortez said...

On another blog they said their revlon mascara, eye shodow and foundation is on clearance. Can you see if your store has it on clearance and if so post pictures please.