Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thank You for Your Patience These Past Several Days

Thank you all for your patience these past several days as I have not been able to be around much at all--first my trip and then my fall.  I still can't sit much and holding the laptop and typing increases the pain.  I tried to cut back on my pain meds, but that didn't work too well, but the pain is less than it was if I stay on them.  So I plan on trying to jump back in full force on Monday--banking on the pain lessening as the weekend progresses.  Thank you all for answering questions of other readers when you saw them and again, I apologize for my minimal presence this past week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cheryl,
I hope you will be feeling better very soon!! I wanted to share with you and the readers that I spotted the new Reinventing Beauty at my CVS today! It has a mix of manufacturer and store coupons in it and there are two that can be used with tomorrow's sale: $2.00 off any Nuance product (store coupon--one coupon per person) and $1.50 on Kotex/U By Kotex (manufacturer's coupon)--you would have to use it on the U By Kotex liners 40-60 ct because the coupon excludes the 18 ct. pads and tampons that are on sale.

Thank you for all that you do and get well soon :)

Brian and Amy Yohe said...

Actually woke up this morning wondering how you were feeling. Great to hear that you're making progress. Take your time. We're patient b/c YOU are more important that what you do for all of us! God bless!

Francisca said...

Hope you get well soon! I know that you'll be back on your feet in no time. Take care and God bless!