Sunday, October 16, 2011

Step by Step CVS Deal Shopping ~ Lesson Two: Steps #4 thru #6 Easy Added Savings

So we got started in Lesson one with our new CVS Extra Care Card, today we are going to learn how to start putting that work to save even  more money while shopping at CVS.  Here are three more easy steps to take to make your CVS shopping work for you.

  • #4 Scan Your CVS Card at the Scanner
    • Find the coupon center kiosk at your store (see image).
    • Each time before you shop scan your card.  You will receive CVS coupons that can be used along with a manufacturer coupon on products. They often coincide with sales or extra buck deals.
    • Save any you will not use this week as often there will be a deal before they expire.
    • Scan your card, after the coupons print scan it again.  Repeat this until it says no more coupons for the day.
    • If your scanner says it is not working ask the staff if they can see if there is paper in it.  It will not say it is out of paper, just that it is not working.
  • # 5 Sign Up for  the CVS Beauty Club
    • CVS offers a beauty club which rewards shoppers for buying products in the beauty aisle.
    • You will receive $5 for every $50 spent on beauty products.
    • Sale products and extra buck products count.
    • The $5 prints 48  hours after you reach the $50.  
    • There is no limit to the amount you will receive.  You can watch your balance at the bottom of your receipt (it updates 48 hours after a purchase).
    • You can sign up your card for the CVS Beauty Club online.  The list of products it includes is listed at the bottom of the form.
    • Do not sign up until you are ready to go to the store.  You will receive a 10% off beauty coupon via email but it expires 3 days from receiving it.  It is not good on sale items.
  • #6 Purchase a Green Bag Tag
    • CVS rewards customers who go green and use reusable bags and have a Green bag tag scanned when shopping.
    • The tags are sold at CVS for 99 cents.
    • When you shop and refuse their plastic bags have your green bag tag scanned (only good once a day).  The cashier must scan at least one item before scanning the tag and it must be scanned before you pay.
    • You do not have to use one of their reusable bags--any bag (or none at all) will do.
    • After four scans you will receive $1 extra buck.
    • There is no limit on the amount of $1 extra bucks you can earn.  There will be a tally at the bottom of your receipt.
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Lmak21 said...

Hi just wanted to let everyone know what I found it in regards to the coupon machines at my local cvs store. I was telling my cashier I was disappointed because I did not get a coupon for free fig newtons this week and normally always get the free coupons. The cashier told me the coupons for the free products only print on Sunday's and Mondays. Hope this helps since I have heard people say they are not getting the coupons this might explain why.

Jubilee said...

I taped my green bag card to the front of my CVS card so they are always together and I only need to pull out one card for scanning. Just flip it over after they've scanned my first item and the green bag card is right there. This hint has helped me remember to use my green bag card.

Also, I've had a CVS cashier tell me that my card can only be scanned once per day per store. So if you have access to more than one store, it can be scanned more than once per day.