Monday, September 12, 2011

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 9/11/2011

Did you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 9/11 to purchase?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

If you'd like to see some saavy shopping at other stores, or if you'd like to link up your CVS deals trips to other places here are a few to check out.  If you are a blogger and have a weekly savings linky and would like it
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PLEASE NOTE:  ONLY link up to your CVS shopping post directly, all others will be removed.  I have had readers mention too many links are not to CVS shopping posts. 

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famgill said...

I received a coupon from the magic CVS machine for a free box of Crackerfuls. Yum!!

Anonymous said...

I had a fantastic trip!

Transaction #1:
Newton's Fruit thins-$2.50
CVS brand allergy-$3.69
RepHresh tampons-$6.79
Softsoap body wash-$2.99
minus free Newton's scanner coupon, 75c Softsoap, and $1 RepHresh, paid with ECBs + 72cents OOP. Got back $3.69, 6.79, 2.00 ECB and 1.00 GBT.

Transaction #2:
7 boxes of Finish tablets-$2.99 each (total 20.93) to make the buy $20 get $10 deal. There were plenty on the shelf, so I did not feel (too) bad taking 7 (there were at least 10+ left, yay store being stocked!)
Used 1 75c and 6 65c printed coupons = $16.28, paid with ECB from transaction #1 and 1.97 OOP. Got back $10 ECB.
This comes out to be ~90c/box after coupons/ECB earned, which is an unbelievable deal!

Transaction #3:
1 pkg Bounty Extra Soft-$12.99
1 pkg Charmin-$9.99
2 boxes Puffs-$3.00
Paid with $10 ECB from Tx#2, and ~$16 OOP (a bit high for OOP for me, but gotta stock up on paper goods) Got back $10 ECB.

I am very excited for all the great deals this week. I might go back and pick up two Skippy peanut butters at 3/$5 and use a $1/2 printable, and get the 2 free Skinny Cow candies with the BOGO scanner and manu. coupons.

I am also looking forward to all the great deals next week :) Yay picking up on the deals at CVS, I think it's going to be a great fall!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Love those free scanner qs, Famgill! Hoping to get one, too.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Anon, you did have a great week so far. I am hoping it is picking for fall, too. Hoping for some great candy deals soon.

candice.qpn said...

The most important lesson I learned at CVS this week is that is never hurts to ask. I had a $3ECB that I thought expired on Sunday, but in fact expired on Saturday. I was really frustrated with myself, but thought I'd ask the manager is she'd accept it... She did! Yay!

I bought:
7 x Finish Powerball tabs for $2.99
1 Ritz Crackerfuls for $2.50
Subtotal: $23.43
I used the following coupons:
1 - $.75/1 Finish
4 - $.65/1 Finish
1 - $2.50/1 Ritz (CVS coupon)
I used $10 ECB, making my total OOP
$7.58 + tax!
That's just over $1 per box for an item that is about $3.25 at Walmart. Woo hoo!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great trip, Candice. Glad she took your expired ECB. You never know, you are right, it is best to ask. And it is amazing you can save over Walmart by shopping at CVS.

Anne M said...

1 Nabisco Crackerful $2.50
CVS Q from Red Machine Free

4 Dawn Renewal @$.99 = $3.96
4 $.75/1 MQ

4 Dawn @ $.99 = $3.98
4 $.50/1 MQ

2 SoftSoap BW @ $2.99 each = $5.98
1 $.75/2 MQ

3 Herbal Essence Shampoo @ $2.99 = $8.97
1 $1.00/1 MQ
1 $1.00/2 MQ

1 CVS Allergy $3.69

1 Rephresh Tampons $6.79
1 $1.00/1 MQ IP

Used $14.00 in ECB's

Total $17.77

Got back $3.00 Herbal Essence, $6.79 for Rephresh, $2.00 for Soft Soap, and $3.69 for CVS Allergy

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great trip, Anne, you will have clean dishes for months to come :-). Nice to come home with as many or more extra bucks than when you started.

Anonymous said...

Transaction 1:
2 Dawn Hand soap with Olay $.99
- (2) $1
1 Softsoap body wash @ $2.99
- $.75
2 Airwick Freshmatic @ $7.99
- (2) $4
1 Airwick Refill @ $4.99
- $1.50
1 Colgate Optic White @ 3.99
- $1.50
- $1.00
I also used $5/$25 and $11.50 in ECB. I ended up paying $2.01 out of pocket. I knew something wasn't right because my total didn't match up, but I wasn't going to argue over a few dollars. After reviewing my receipt, the cashier must have given up on the Dawn coupons instead of lowering them to the $.99 price. Grrrrr.

Transaction 2
2 Puffs Plus @ 1.50
1 Charmin Ultra
- $.25
1 Bounty Extra Soft
- $1
After $13.50 ECB from the first transaction, I paid $12.79. My total out of pocket for the day was $14.80. I was still mad about the $2 lost in the first transaction, but my husband was thrilled with even getting toilet paper and papertowels for $15. Of course, I wasn't mad enough about the $2 to go back, still good deals this week.

Magda said...

I just got the basic stuff, there was no Dawn with Olay, and Air freshners were only in lavender, which I hate =(

9.99 1 Charmin
12.99 1 Bounty
3.00 2 Puffs
2.99 1 Softsoap Bodywash
2.50 1 Newton Fruit Thins cookies
-$5 / off $25 send to card coupon
- $1 Bounty (mail coupon)
- $1 Puffs (mail coupon)
- .25 Charmin
- .75 Softsoap, printable
- 2.50 Newton, from CVS coupon machine
- $15 in ECBs
- $5.97 on Giftcard (total on giftcard was 8.31 with tax)

Got back $12 in ECBs.

Was going to do the gift card challenge with a $10 gift card but I think I will increase it to $50. Tax is high here so I probably need at least $4 each week just for that.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great trip, Anon. I feel for you--$2 at CVS is A LOT of money!!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

You got some great need items, Magda. I don't use the Airwick, but I will pass it on to someone. I had several lavender thingies in my share pile when I found out my sister liked it and that is when she was dying--so it was so nice to be able make her a lavender basket and surround her with the fragrance.

Deal Seeker said...

WEEK 2 ~ $50 CVS Challenge

Beginning Balance: $51.65 ($43.65 Cash, $8.00 ECB)
Total Spent:  $12.83 (including tax)
ECBs Used: $12.69
Extra Bucks Earned: $25.48
Total Saved:  $70.95  (without tax)
Total Value of Products Purchased:  $76.48 (without tax)
Cash Balance:  $30.82
Extra Buck Balance:  $20.79
Ending Balance: $51.61 (Sum of cash and ECB)

To Date Totals:
To Date Total Value of Products: $87.47
To Date Total Cash Spent: $19.18 (including tax)
To Date Total Saved: $70.95 (without tax)
Spending Power of $50: increased by $ 1.61 ($51.61)

This week's trip's details:
$ 2.50 Newton Thins
$ 3.69 CVS Allergy 5 ct
$ 6.79 Rephresh Tampons 18 ct
$ 2.00 St Jospeh Asprin 36 ct
$12.79 Loreal Double Extend Mascara
Coupons and ECBs Used:
$ 5.00 CVS Q $5 off of $25
$ 2.50 CVS Q Newton Thins (nice surprise from Kiosk)
$ 1.00 MQ St Jospeh Asprin 36 ct
$ 2.00 MQ Loreal Double Extend Mascara
$ 7.00 ECB
$ 1.00 ECB
ECB's Earned:
$ 3.69 CVS Allergy 5 ct
$ 6.79 Rephresh Tampons 18 ct
$ 1.00 St Jospeh Asprin 36 ct
$ 3.00 Loreal earn $3 wyb $10
Trip Notes:
This trip did not go as planned, which is not surprising. I had planned to buy the Bengay but the coupon from the newspaper didn't seem to match the $5.49 Bengay product. Since I receive the CVS coupon for a free package of Newton Thins $2.50 value I bought that instead. I calculated my total would reach the $25.00 subtotal I needed to get the $5.00 off so no need to buy the Bengay. Wish I had a coupon for the Newton Thins. That would have saved me more. That is if CVS would take it. I don't think so. Not with the new coupon policy posted. I could have stretched my cash out by buying a different Loreal Mascara for $10.99 and using a $3.00 MQ but that was not the one I really wanted. I bought the one for $12.79 w/ a $2.00 MQ. :) The Magic Red Machine popped out two coupons: Free Newton Thins or Ritz Crackerful, see ad, Value $2.50; $1 off 5 Reeses Snack Size, 10.5-16 oz., up to $1.00 value expires 9/18. At the end of my receipt I got another coupon $10 off $50. I think this one will be a bit challenging to use.
$ 4.99 Airwick
$ 4.99 Airwick
Coupons and ECBs Used:
$ 4.00 MQ Airwick
$ 4.00 MQ Airwick
$ 1.00 ECB
ECB's Earned:
None But these two Airwicks apply toward Earn $10 ECB wyb $20
Trip Notes:
CVS low on Airwick stock
$ 4.99 Airwick
$ 4.99 Airwick
$ 2.99 Herbal Essence Shampoo
Coupons and ECBs Used:
$ 4.00 MQ Airwick
$ 4.00 MQ Airwick
$ 1.00 MQ Herbal Essence
ECB's Earned:
$10.00 Airwick
$ 1.00 Herbal Essence
Trip Notes:
Thanks SimpyCVS. You were right I only had to buy 4 Airwicks at 4.99 each to get the $10 ECB :)

Patrice said...

I got the free Newton Thins too!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great, Deal Seeker, you've just about the same CVS spending power as when you walked in--4 cents for all of that. It is so fun to see how every one does this! I drool over those $5/25's and $10/50's everyone gets tho. Maybe someday I"ll get them.

Valencia said...

Very happy with my trip this week:

4 Fresmatic I-motions 19.96 (-4 -4 -4- 4)

2 Dawn Renewals 1.98 (-1-.75)

Newton's Fruit Crisps 2.50 (-2.50)

Softsoap 2.99 (-.75)

CVS Allergy 3.69

Rephresh Tampons 6.79 (-1)

ECB's (-13.00)

Total: 37.91-22.00-13.00= 2.91 and got back 22.48 in ECB's

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Grrreat, Valencia! Love to increase those extra bucks.

Deal Seeker said...

oops. I forgot to add
in Transaction 3
ECB used: $3.69

Thanks Cheryl for your wonderful site. It has taught me a lot!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Glad to hear that, Deal Seeker, thanks for letting me know. And you are welcome.

Allison said...

I don't shop at CVS that much, but last night when I was browsing online and I saw Simply CVS website and saw the deal ideas, I was very impress on how much stuff you can get for $5. So this morning I went to CVS and see how much stuff I can get with my $8. I did 2 different transactions.

Transaction #1

1 - RePhresh Brilliant $6.79 get back $6.79 ECB

- $1 printable coupon

OOP $6.23 with Tax
got back $6.79 ECB

Transaction #2

spend $20 get back $10 ECB

4 - Airwich Freshmatic $4.99 ea
1 - Finish gel pac $2.99 ea
3 - Dawn dish soap $.99 ea

= $27.60 with Tax before coupons


1 $6.79 ECB from Trans #1
4 $4 Airwick Freshmatic ($16)
1 $1 Fishish ($1)
3 $.75 Dawn ($2.25)

Total $1.56 and got back $10.00 ECB

I think I did pretty good, I actually made $2 profit, for someone who doesn't shop at cvs that often. I think from now on I am going to start shopping at CVS, I'm going to try to go every week and maybe do a better job. I will also make sure to check simply CVS for great deal post.

Thanks again Simply CVS.

Ecilef said...

I got:

4 Fresmatic I-motions 19.96 (-4 -4 -4- 4)

1 Dawn Renewals .99 (.75)

Newton's Fruit Crisps 2.50 (-2.50)

Softsoap 2.99 (-1)

CVS Allergy 3.69

Rephresh Tampons 6.79 (-1)

Aussie Leave in Conditioner 2.99 (-1)

Conair curling iron 9.99

Colgate optic white coupon 3.99 (-1.50 & -1.00)

Bayer Asprin 2.00 (-1)

Also used:

10/50 coupon and 20.00 EB

Got back $30.00 in EB

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

How fun, Allison, so glad to hear your story. It is fun isn't it? You'll be amazed at what you can get. Some weeks are slow, but overall you can keep your family stocked with almost free health & beauty items and many household items. Thanks for sharing and letting us know Simply CVS helps you.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great trip, Ecilef! Sarah got one of those $10/$50's. They can come in handy when there are such great deals.

Karen V. M. said...

This was my best trip ever! I did two transactions after reading a post from a few weeks back. I received a 25% off and sent it to my card and then got a $10 off of $50 coupon from the scanner. I had to separate full price items to maximize my savings!

Transaction #1
Iced Tea and a bag of pretzels (25% off) - $1.93 total

Transaction #2
1 Soft Soap Shower gel
2 Aussie hair gels ($1 off of each MFC)
1 Herbal Essence conditioner ($1 off MFC)
1 Playtex ($4 off with a $2 off CVS coupon and a $2 off MFC)
1 Venus Gillette razor ($4 off with a $2 off CVS scanner coupon & a $2 off MFC)
1 CVS allergy pills
1 Rephresh
1 Colgate Optic toothpaste ($1.50 off MFC)
1 Bengay cream ($5 off MFC)
1 Kotex liners ($2 off CVS coupon that came in the mail)
1 chip ahoy cookie package (free item substitute for the Ritz/Newton crackers)

I was also able to use the $10 off of $50 and $15 ECB’s I had from my previous visit.

I ended up paying: $8.83 and got back $23.98 in ECB’s. Thank you CVS!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great job, Karen!

Kristen said...

This week was all about buying stuff I don't need/want (air wick, anyone?) to get the most bang for my buck on things I do need(tampons and wipes):
1 Brilliant tampons $6.79 earned $6.79 ECBs
(wasn't able to print the coupon-Bummer!)
2 Air wick kits $7.99x2=$15.98
-2x$4 mq=$8
1 Lysol wipes $5 earned $10 ECBs for $20 spent.
(how were there no coupons for this but still a steal!)
1 Ritz crackerfuls $2.50
-$2.50 CVS magic machine q
Used $5/$25 and $12 ECBs
Total:$2.77 + tax

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Kristen, it is funny how we buy things to make money. I bought the airwick, too, and can't use them because of allergies. But I have friend who loves them. Oh, I long for those $5/25's they really make deals so much easier to get on things we need that never go on sale. Nice trip.

Allison said...

Hi Cheryl,
Went shopping again yesterday using the $10 ecb I got from the day before. I didn't get alot but it's something I can something i can add to my stockpile.

2 optic white Colgate $3.99 ea
2 Aussie product $2.99 57
1 Irish spring body wash $ 2.99ea
1 candy bar $.50

Coupons i use,
2 $1.50 mfg Colgate optic white
2 $1 cvs coupon for Colgate optic white
2 $1 mfg Aussie/herbal essence coupon
1 $.50 mfg Irish spring coupon
$10 ECB from previous day

My total came to $0.00 + tax of $1.11

So total OOP was tax of $1.11
and got back a total of $7 on ECB for my next shopping.
Thanks again, I think I'm getting addicted to shop at cvs already. Lol

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Allison, with trips like that it is addicting!! Great job.

Jen said...

I did exceptionally well this week!

Transaction 1:
1 - Softsoap bodywash
2 - Herbal Essence
1 - Bengay
2 - Travel-size shampoos on clearance

$7.75 in mfgr cpsn, plus a $7 ECB
Total OOP: $ .08

Transaction 2:
CVS Allergy

Paid with $3 ECB, total OOP: $ .69

Transaction 3:

1 - Herbal Essence
1 - Travel size shampoo on clearance

Used $1 mfgr cpn and $2 ECB
Total OOP: $ .36

Total OOP for 3 trans - $1.20

Brownie said...

I'm a newbie but I'm pretty happy with my trip(s) (I ended up going to 2 CVSs, that's the good thing about living in a city!):

Store 1:
1-RePhresh Tampons (for the ECBs)
1-Colgate Optic White (coupon and ECBs)
1-CVS Nasal Spray (on clearance for $1.19)
1-Vicks 44 (on clearance for $1.94)
1-Hershey's Bliss (had a raincheck from the summer deal--good thing they don't expire!)
2-Coke 20 oz (had $1/2 coupon and apparently there's a buy 9, get 1 free deal this week too)
2-Crest w/scope (coupon & ECBs)
2-lightbulbs (wanted to get GE but they were out)
1-Burt's Bees (got a $3.00 coupon from the magic machine!)
2-Energizer AA Lithium 4-packs (I had 2 $2 off coupons and then there was an offer on them for a $10 gas card, so it's $6 for 8 really good batteries)
1-Tylenol Precise (had $5 off coupon)

The reason I bought so many non-sale items is that I had a 25% off my purchase coupon (only good on regular prices). So I saved $12.04 from that, $18.50 in coupons, and had a total OOP of $35.29. But I got $6.79 + $6 + $2 +$1.50, so just about $19 for about $70 worth of stuff! And when you add in the $10 gas card, it's pretty good for a newbie like me.

Store 2:
Also out of the allergy, Air Wick, lightbulbs, and aspirin. I got rainchecks for the allergy and Air Wick.
1-Garnier Fructis (q & ECBs)
1-Finish tabs (impulse buy)
1-Act II popcorn $1 pack (good filler)
Total w/ $1 off coupon was $5.98, so I used $6 ECBs (didn't care about the $0.02).

When do you shop so that the store has the deals you want? Before I moved I knew that my store got its delivery on Thursdays, so that was always my night to go to CVS. But now I don't know, and I feel bad always asking for rain checks.