Monday, September 5, 2011

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 9/4/2011

Did you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 9/4 to purchase?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but is not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

If you'd like to see some saavy shopping at other stores, or if you'd like to link up your CVS deals trips to other places here are a few to check out.  If you are a blogger and have a weekly savings linky and would like it
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Anonymous said...

The following CVS transaction did not work for me, can someone point out what went wrong?
I purchased (1) Carefree Body Shape Pantiliners 20-22 ct @ $1, and (2) Skintimate Shave Gel or Cream @ $1.99 each.
I used the following coupons:
(1) $0.50/1 Carefree Product(SS 08/21/11)
(2) $1/1 Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave(SS 07/24/11)
(2) $1/1 Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave CVS coupon

The register accepted the first 4 coupons, but beeped on the last CVS skintimate coupon and the cashier would not accept it. I still got a good deal but not the 2 shaving creams for free that I was expecting.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Anon, sometimes those CVS coupons are one per transaction. I never remember that as I rarely have two of the same kind. That's the only reason I can think of other than the two Skintimates were not $4 but $3.98 and it would have beeped and she could have adjusted it down, but that usually doesn't happen with combined CVS & manu. coupons.

"H" said...

I know we always have to use our CVS coupons first...Our cashier told us it's the trick to getting everything to go through. I always place them on top!

"H" said...

Yesterday at CVS I did two transactions
I bought Purex $1.99 ($1.00 off coupon), 1 suave deodorant 99 cents(50 cents off) 1 dove bar (free CVS coupon) 4 Progresso soups (BOGO) with $1 off 4 coupon, 1 Hershey Bar
$7 in ECB
Before Coupons = $23
$2.20 with $1 ECB back

The second was with my husbands card :) 3 Gingerales, 2 boxes Kashi bars (2/$6) with a 1.50 off coupon, 2 Tortilla Stuffers (1.19 with $1 off coupon each), 1 dove bar (free cvs coupon), 1 hershey bar (free coupon), Physicians eye shadow (10.99 with $1 off coupon), Used a $5.00 off $30 coupon from CVS email and $7 in extra bucks
Before Coupons = $59 Paid $15.29 and got $10 in ECB Success!

Crystal said...

i made a rookie mistake when calculating and threw in an extra item to get me over the $20 needed to use the $4 off coupon i was emailed even though i already had $20 before coupons. but i still did great!

5 old el paso stuffers 2/$5, had 5coupons for $1off each one
1 always pantyliner - free with cvs coupon
2 boxes of cereal 2/$4
3 $1 food items (got another small box of cereal, cheese and crackers, and spaghettio's)
1 box of domino sugar, had 50 cents off coupon (not on sale but needed item)

had $4/$20 email coupon
used $10 in ecb
spent 2.91 oop

-Carol said...

Anon - I only bought 1 Skintimate shave cream. When the cashier scanned the mq it wouldn't take. She double checked the item and saw that it was correct, she put the numbers in manually and it went through. Next she scanned CVS q and it went through fine. I know this doesn't really help but I thought just in case someone else had trouble with the mq (I printed from internet).

-Carol said...

Good week. Would have been better if cashier would not have adjusted the Skittles/Starburst/Lifesaver B1G1 q down. I had three.

3.69 Skittles
2.31 Skittles (adjusted down; $3 ea if you buy 2)
1.19 Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar
1.19 Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar
1.00 Carefree liners 20 ct
1.99 Skintimate shave cream
0.99 Hershey Air delight
0.99 Hershey Air delight
1.49 2 packs of Orbit Gum (bogo)
1.49 2 packs of Orbit Gum (bogo)
1.49 2 packs of Orbit Gum (bogo)
6.49 Excedrin
14.49 Bronzer, Physicians Formula
3.59 Lifesaver gummies
3.59 Lifesaver gummies
2.99 Starburst jellybeans
2.99 Starburst jellybeans

2.46 TAX

5.00 CVS Q $5 off wyb $30
0.99 MQ buy Hershey bar get Hershey Air
0.99 MQ buy Hershey bar get Hershey Air
0.50 MQ Carefree
0.75 MQ Excedrin
1.00 MQ Skintimate
1.00 CVS Q Skintimate
1.00 CVS Q Orbit
1.00 CVS Q Orbit
1.00 CVS Q Orbit -kept getting same Qs that week
0.79 CVS Q for **Chocolate (nice surprise)
3.69 CVS Q B1G1 Skittles
3.69 CVS Q B1G1 Starburst
3.69 CVS Q B1G1 Lifesaver gummies

$29.33 Total OOP; $12.33 cash $17 ECB; I count the ECB as cash since I applied the discount to previous transaction

$13.99 ECB Received; $1 Carefree;$5 Excedrin;$7 Physicians Formula;$.99 Hershey Air

Like getting everything for: $15.34
Receipt says: Today You Saved $50.61

The way I look at it, (and there are many ways you can look at it); it's like paying for a Hershey bar and the Bronzer (my daughter has been asking for) and getting everything else for free :)

**a note about the CVS Q the kiosk printed. Can't remember the wording exactly but it was for a free Dove, Milkyway or any bar w/ in range of specified ounces. The ounce requirements did not match. The cashier said she noticed that too and to just pick out any candy bar and she will take off the max. $0.79

The other CVS Q printed: $0.50 off bottle of Big Chill Purified Water 20 oz.

Thanks Cheryl for adjusting my post from last week & for saving me a ton of money! :)
Have a great week.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

H, thanks for the tip--interesting.

Great shopping trip for you, too.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Crystal, I have learned to keep one item--very small value--back and check the sub-total before I start handing over the coupons so I know if I made the $20 and if not I throw in that last item. There is so much going on in these transactions that it is easy to make a mistake and easy for coupons not to scan and to be missed. You sure got a lot of food items--I love to be able to do that.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Carol, I got one in my big order and it worked fine, then I did a second transaction with another set of qs and it beeped--wish I had seen your suggestion before I went.

I like to look at things that way--I paid for a needed item and got the rest free, always fun! You are set with candy.

Anonymous said...

Sunday I got:
1 Carefree liners, 1.00 - 50c man. coupon; 1 Hershey's Air Delight 99c; 1 Skintimate cream shave - 1.00 CVS coupon + 1.00 man. coupon; 1 Milky Way bar, 1.19 - 79c scanner coupon for "free" bar-it wasn't free, but 40c wasn't bad :) This particular CVS had a terrible selection of Orbit gums, I had wanted to do the BOGO sale with the two $1 off scanner coupons I got last week, but decided not to. This CVS is the closest to my house but unfortunately has the grumpiest cashier working the self-checkouts on Sunday mornings. I have done my best to be very friendly to her, say hello and thank you if I needed her assistance, but she is just grumpy to everyone, refuses to even look at me when I speak to her. This makes me not want to shop at that CVS :( Oh well, I paid 1.92 for all that stuff and got back 1.99 in extra bucks :)
Monday I got:
1 Skintimate cream shave, used both man and CVS coupons, and 4 packs of Orbit gum (much better selection at the store near my work!) used 2 $1 off scanner coupons. Paid 99c today.
I'm VERY much looking forward to next week's deals!
Happy Labor Day everyone :)

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Nice trips, Anon. I agree, a cashier can ruin a trip, or make it even more enjoyable.

Pat said...

Cheryl, if possible..please delete my link above. #3.
Blogger doesn't seem to be working right this morning and the custom domain isn't connecting to my blog. I'll add a new link to this week's shopping trip.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Will do, Pat.

Amie said...

I am always in need of diapers so I was thrilled by the scenario I did yesterday:
$4 off $20 CVS emailed coupon
2 Huggies jumbo packs $7.99 each(used 1 free Huggies coupon & $3 off Huggies Slip Ons coupon)
2 Hersheys Air Delights $.99 each(bogo coupon)
1 Milky Way $1.19 (free up to $.79 CVS scanner coupon)
2 20 Coke Zeros $1.69 each (2 free product coupons)
$1 ECB
Paid $2.06 - including tax on a Swag Bucks CVS card and got $.99 ECB back. So it was really all FREE!
I'm not seeing the Huggies tracked on my receipt. I hope it shows up because I will be purchasing more in the future.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Grrrrreat, Amie! It should show up after 48 hours. If it doesn't just have your receipt in hand and call 800shopcvs and they should correct it. Glad to see you enjoying the Swag Bucks free CVS cards, too.

Geri F said...

Hi, I went sunday and did pretty good i think. I
1 hrshy bar... 1.19
1 ezgrill 3.25. Saved 9.74
1 bey blade 3.75 saved 11.24
1 bakugan 2.49 saved 7.50
1 jr tie tyed goggles 1.25 saved 3.74
1 care free liners 1.00
1 skinnmates sc 1.99
1 Huggies 7.99
1 pampers 7.99
1 dove candy bar
1 hrshy air bar.
Subtotal 32.68
Minus 13.49 in coupons
total 19.19.
Paid with the $10 gift card (I received for paying 6) and the gift card from the gas deals (since we don't have the gas stations near us she gave me on my cvs card) and received 1.99 ecb oh and I forgot to use ecbs and the dove q

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Nice job, Geri. I love paying with my free gift cards. nice on the gas ones--I would much rather have the CVS gift card.

Crystal said...

I was able to stock up on toiletry items this spring/summer and am now focusing primarily on buying food products. i haven't been to cvs nearly as much bc of this though.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Crystal, one thing I like to do when I am trying to focus on food because my stockpile is big enough is to go ahead and grab the freebies after extra bucks and buy them first and then use those extra bucks on the food items. If I don't need them in my stockpile I donate or share them.

Kristen said...

I normally do my CVS trip on Monday but this week I went Sunday am before church. Felt so productive.

Neturogena shampoo $6.99
Neutrogena conditioner $7.79
Carefree pantiliner $1.00
Purex Laundry detergent $1.99
CVS Band-aids $2.49
Suave Deodorant $.99
Dove Chocolate $.79
Orbit gum $1.49
Orbit gum $1.49

Coupons: $4/$20 CVS email
$.79 CVS machine dove bar
$1x2 CVS machine Orbit gum
$1.49 BOGO Orbit gum
$1 Purex man.
$.50 Carefree
$.75 Suave deo

ECBs used:$5+$1+$1

Subtotal: $6.88
ECB earned:$5 for Neutrogena and $1 for carefree

A little more OOP than I like but I love the Neutrogena shampoo and conditioner so it is worth it to buy it even without a coupon. I also needed the band aids so happy to buy things that I need and enjoy. I am good on toothpaste and body wash for awhile and could probably even pass on lotion and razors for awhile. It will be nice to donate some of it though.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Kristen, that's what's nice about CVSing--we can splurge on one or two favorites and it won't break the bank. Nice to have a stockpile so you can only get the best deals on items and also so you can donate. so many benefits to this fun hobby.

Telathia said...

Here's my trip:

1 Pantene Shampoo (3.49)
3 Dove VisibleCare Body Washes (6.00 each)
2 packs of Orbit gum (BOGO)

3 $1/1 Dove VisibleCare MQs
1 Free Pantene MQ
2 $1/1 Orbit CVS Qs
1 $4/20 CVS Q
$9 ECB's

Oop was $1.48 and I got back $5 ECB for the Dove 5 for $15.

2nd Transaction:

1 Carefree Pantyliners (1.00)
1 Excedrin Menstral Complete (6.29)
1 Dove Bar

1 .50/1 Carefree MQ
1 .75/1 Excedrine MQ
1 Free Dove CVS Q
$6 ECB

Oop was .12 and I got back $6 ECB

Whooo Hoooo!

Thanks for all you do here to help with my savings!

Jen said...

Some weeks it just works out right. Here's what I did:

Transaction 1 --
3 Suave deodorants @ .99 each, had a .50 cpn for each = .50 = 1.47
2 Hershey's Air Delights @ .99, had a BOGO cpn, = .99 + .99 ECB
1 Nivea body wash @ 6.29, had a $1 cpn = 5.29
1 Nivea Sun-kissed lotion (been wanting to try this) 10.49, had a $2 cpn = 8.49
Got $5 ECB's for $15 Nivea.

So here's how it worked out:
Total for everything: $21.73
Coupons 5.69
$4 off $20 (email) 4.00
$2 off for email survey 2.00
$10 ECB's I had 10.00

Total before tax .04 (!!!!)
tax .39
Grand total .43

ECB's received: $5.00 (Nivea) + .99 (Hershey's) = 5.99

Transaction 2 --
1 Carefree pantiliner @ 1.00, had .50 cpn = .50 + $1 ECB
4 Orbit gum @ $1.47/BOGO, had 2 BOGO cpns = free
Total $ 1.00
Coupons .50
Total for everything: .50
tax: .25
Grand t $ . 75

ECB's received: $1 (Carefree)
Total ECB's up to this point: $6.99

Transaction 3 --
1 Mars Milky Way bar @.79, had a free cpn from magic cpn machine
1 Physicians Formula mascara @9.79 (been wanting to try this)
1 Physicians Formula concealer @ 5.79, $7 ECB's wyb $10 Physician's Formula

Total $ 16.37
Coupons .79
ECB's from prev. 6.99
Total before tax 8.59
tax 1.07
Grand total $ 9.66

ECB's received $7 (Phys Formula)

So the total amount I spent from all 3 transactions was $ 9.13 before tax. Total amount I spent after tax was $ 10.04
Walked away with $7 ECB's.

Not too shabby this week!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Jenny, you are right. Some weeks are just amazing! Great job rolling those ecbs from one transaction to another!

Maricel said...

I just pasted from my blog:) I'm stoked that Physicians Formula has increased limit! I want to go back and get another face brush. Thanks for posting!

I had a great shopping trip at CVS this morning. Here's a breakdown of what I purchased: (btw I missed one coupon!)
1 Physicians Formula Bamboo Face Brush $10.99 (glad this was part of ECB deal bec I needed a new one!)
1 Care Free Liner $1.00
2 Hershey's Air Delight $1.19 each
2 Skinny Cow Candy Bars $1.19 each
1 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste $3.49
2 Orbit Gum $1.49 BOGO ($.50/2 coupon fell out of my envelope!)
3 Ivory 3pk bar soap
2 Fiber Plus Bars
14 items total
Coupons Used:
$5 ECB from beauty club purchase
$5/$25 Purchase
2 CVS Orbit $1/1
3 Ivory $.35/1
1 BOGO Skinny Cow $.99
1 BOGO CVS Skinny Cow
1 BOGO Hershey's Air Delight
1 $1/1 Colgate
Total Out Of Pocket: $11.88 + $1.04 Tax = $12.92
Received $12.49 ECB's
ECB breakdown:
$1.50 Colgate
$7 Physicians Formula
$1 Care Free
$2 Fiber Bars
$.99 Hershey's
I saved $28.10

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great trip, Maricel! Glad you were able to score more make up!

Jennifer Campbell said...

I had some freebie coupons this week that I used and a raincheck on the Skinny Cows. I had to get rainchecks for the Skintimate Cream and Hershey's since I went late. The stores try to restock on Friday so I may try again this week.

$6.97 2 Pantene Shampoo/Conditoiner
#0.79 1 MilkyWay Bar
$1.98 2 Skinny Cow bars
$1.00 1 Carefree pantiliner
$1.99 1 Skintimate Gel
$8.99 1 Schick Quattro Razor
$4.99 1 CVS AA 10+2 pack
-0.99 MQ BOGO Skinny Cow
-4.99 CVS Freebie AA
-0.79 CVS Freebie MilkyWay
-0.50 MQ Carefree
-4.00 MQ Schick Quattro
-1.99 MQ Freebie Skintimate
-3.49 MQ Freebie Pantene
-3.48 MQ Freebie Pantene
-5.00 CVS ECB
-1.00 CVS ECB

OOP: .48[plus .04 tax, so .52]

Received ECB:
$1 Skinny Cow
$1 Carefree
$1 Pantene
$4 Schick

Katie said...

This week turned out really good for me.

Colgate Total $1.67
Carefree Liners $1.00
CVS sugar free cough drops $0.99
Milky way bar $0.79
Hershey Air Delights $0.99
Hershey Air Delights $0.99
Axe body wash 5.79
Axe body wash 2.89 (50% off)
Physician's Formula eye liner $10.99
Cottonelle wipes tub $3.59
CVS AA batteries $4.99

$5/$25 CVS email
$3 Beauty Club birthday email
$4.99 CVS batteries email
$1.00 Colgate CVS machine
$0.50 Colgate man.
$0.50 Carefree man.
$1.00 sugar free cough drops CVS machine
$0.79 Milkyway CVS machine
$1.19 Hershey Air Delight bogo man.
$5.99 Axe bodywash bogo man.
$3.59 Cottonelle wipes free man.

ECB used: $3+$5
subtotal: -$0.87
tax: $1.30
oop: $0.43

ECB earned: $7+$0.99+$1

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Nice job, Jennifer. I have learned to like rain checks most of the time. My store is mostly well stocked now and I rarely get them.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Wow, Katie, you had a fantastic week!!