Friday, September 16, 2011

Share Your CVS Gift Card Challenge Shopping for the Week of 9/11

Simply CVS Gift Card ChallengeHave you joined the CVS Gift Card Challenge?  If not think about joining me and other Simply CVS readers as we challenge ourselves to see how far we can make a Gift Card go.  I personally am challenging myself with a $50 CVS Gift card I earned free on Swag Bucks.  Other readers are doing $10, $25 or other amounts.  You don't even have to have a gift card--just keep track until you have spent the dollar amount you choose.  You can see all the details in the link above.

If you are taking the challenge and have shopped this week from the 9/11 CVS ad we'd love to see how you did, what your balance is and how much total savings you have so far.  If you blog about your trips leave a link in the linky form below (and I would love if you would grab the Gift Card Challenge button from the far right side bar here at Simply CVS and tuck it in your weekly Challenge Posts or in your sidebar so your readers can
come by and see what others are doing).  If you don't blog share your totals or your whole trip in the comment area below.


Pat said...

This challenge is awesome! You learn a lot and the way Simply CVS is posting "lessons" you can jump in at any time.

I'm on week 8. I started on my own and I'm so glad I decided to try it. You'll be surprised at how much you learn about stretching your spending power!

Pat said...

Patrice... I visit your blog but for some reason, can never log in to leave a comment. : ( It always bumps me out!

Dee said...

Week #2 Took advantage of the
12 ECB

2 compact Airwick $4.99 - (2) $4 Q
1 regular Airwick kit 7.99 -$4Q
1 Airwick oil refill $4.99 -$1.50 Q
1 10 pk cvs garbage bag $3.00
Total $12.46 used ecb's and .46 cents plus tax oop.
Gained $10 ecb