Monday, September 12, 2011

Free Crackerfuls or Newton Thins with CVS Scanner Coupon Week of 9/11 ~ Possible Substitutions

The CVS scanner is printing off coupons for free Crackerfuls or Newton Thins (value $2.50).  Many stores are already out of them. Today was truck day at my store and they already didn't have any.  They were substituting with the Pop Chips or the Absolutely Divine cookies because they are both $2.50 this week.  Some readers have commented that their store was substituting other items.  Other readers said they were told they would honor the coupon when they came in even though it would be expired.  My manager said I could get a rain check to get them.  So if your store is out, ask if they will substitute something or honor them when they have stock.


Rachel said...

I wonder why CVS doesn't make an effort to overstock the free-coupon products... they know it's coming! I've been in stores early on Sunday morning when these coupons begin to print and seen only one or two of the items on the shelf, like they weren't even fully stocked to begin with.
It is good to know they'll substitute or honor it later - thank you for the info!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Rachel, I know the trucks come in the week of these often have them--but since they expire so quickly that often won't even help. My manager had a full end cap of the chips she was substituting and it was almost empty already at noon today. It is up to each manager what they do about substitutes.

Unknown said...

Hi Cheryl,

whenever I ask for a rain check at my local CVS they always ask if I'd like to substitute, I almost wonder if it's because they know they won't get the item in. most of the time I don't mind. But like body wash, my husband only likes Gillette, so I can't substitute it, and they are ok with that. But they are definitely wanted to sub when they can!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Interesting, Debbie. I had never had anything substituted until after Thanksgiving last year so it is new to me. But now I try to remember and ask on a few things where I'd rather get it right then or loose out. I may start asking for other things,too.