Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CVS Scanner Coupons Printing the Week of 9/18

Here are the weekly CVS scanner coupons reported for the week of 9/18.  They have various expiration dates so be sure and look at each one.  If you got anything different please leave a comment letting others know.  It helps to know what you might be getting.

Since I am not going to CVS this week after my fall I checked out what the members of We Use Coupons were reporting.  Here they are:

Generics (everyone will get these everyday that you scan your card)

$1 off any Reeses 10-20oz 
BOGO 15ct 5 gum 

Other Coupons (these are random and expire within 2 weeks of printing)

$1 off Speed Stick Deodorant *thanks tmcewen
$1 off 3 cans of gold emblem soup or broth 
$2 off any Dove Men+Care Bodywash or bar soap
Spend $10 on Lumene, Get Lumene Trial Size Day Cream
$5 off Lumene New 5 Minute SOS Cream 
$3/15 baby care purchase 
$1/1 huggies jumbo diaper purchase 
$1.50 off ANY Axe deodorant or body spray 

What else did you get? 

These CVS coupons often coincide with upcoming CVS deals, so hang onto any you don't use this week.  And remember, they can be combined with manufacturer coupons for an even bigger savings--often making "money" on the deal.  Remember to scan your card until it says you have received all the coupons available to you today.  The last two each card will get and will usually print each day.  The other coupons are often based on past purchases or new items and print just once that week.  They often cooincide with upcoming CVS weekly deals if they are not on special this week.  Simply CVS is part of the grocery gathering at BeCentsAble.


Anonymous said...

If you can find the travel sized Speed stick at your store, it makes for a great filler after the $1 coupon. It was $1.19 at my store. I was a few cents short to use a $5 ECB and this brought me over the $5 (I hate wasting even a few cents)

The BOGO 5 gum coupon deducted the $1.57 full value at the self-checkout, but I'm not sure if cashiers are adjusting them down. One note--make sure to price check your gum, not all varieties are 2/$2 for some reason. One flavor scanned at $1 and another at $1.69 so I had to switch it out. I might swing by CVS today just to get another gum coupon! :)

Anonymous said...

The register takes off the full face value of the coupon, $1.57, so you're paying 0.43 for 2 packs of gum! Great deal!

kari said...

$3 off sinex nasal spray. Also buy 2 get $3 extra buck

Rebecca said...

I also got $3 off Sinex nasal spray or liquicaps...perfect timing as my family is all coming down with colds :( I paired it with the $3/2 Q from 8/28 P&G and got two boxes of Dayquil for $6 plus $3 ecb's :)