Monday, September 12, 2011

CVS Clearance Deals Found the Week of 9/11

I didn’t find as many new things on clearance as I often do, but there were still some new finds.

In the air freshener/candle section I found the whole “The Fragrance Collection by glade” currents & acai line 25% off. Also Glade oil candles refill 4 pack Fresh Berries 25% off. [Mom posted a list of many new Glade printable coupons this morning--some of them match these.  See the list here.  These should drop in price over the next few weeks so now would be a good time to print them and carry them with you until they drop far enough for your needs.]  Also Fabreze Home collection Cranberry Pear diffuser and shade base and another similar item were all 25% off.

In the cleaning section I found CVS Earth Essentials all-purpose cleaner 25% off. As well as one size of Cascade Lemon scented powder and
Cascade Lemon scented liquid.

If you found anything else leave a comment for others to join in on the savings. Also there are still a number of items from past weeks , so if you haven’t checked our clearance posts for past weeks you may wish to check them out, and some will probably be a larger % off than mentioned in the original post. I hope you find lots of clearance deals you can use. lSarahl


Anonymous said...

I took some pictures too

mcgruedle said...

I have the luxury of two CVS stores within about 5 miles. In the last week, I've noticed "trial size" medications on sale lately! Both stores varied from 25%-75% off! Advil (4 ct.) - as low as 24 cents! and Zyrtec (3 ct.) - as low as 99 cents!
One store also featured CVS cough drops (10 ct.) for 12 cents!

Wonderful to keep in your purse or travel with! Will try to get pictures if there are any left!

Anonymous said...

i found the rubber maid pitchers on summer clearance for 90% off marked at 0.68..used the $1 coupon from some insert a while ago and score some for free!!!

in fact the coupon scanned its full price :)

Anonymous said...

There are some more clearance items..i took pictures