Thursday, September 1, 2011

CVS Clearance Deals Found the Week of 8/28

At my store, there were a number of items on clearance.  The door had a sign that all fans were 50% off and summer products were 75% off.  I saw summer dishes, patriotic decorations, flip-flops, toys, etc. with their price marked to reflect the 75% off the original price.

I also saw Softsoap antibacterial refills 50% off.  CVS mustache wax 75% off. Aquafresh Sensitive Maximum strength 50% off.

Simply CVS Reader, Tracy, emailed this picture she took of a great clearance find.  I may look for this next week for my mom--she suffers from dry mouth.  Thanks, Tracy.

If you found anything else leave a comment for others to join in on the savings.

Also there are still a number of items from past weeks , so if you haven’t checked our clearance posts for past weeks you may wish to check them out, and some will probably be a larger % off than mentioned in the original post. I hope you find lots of clearance deals you can use. lSarahl


Tiffany Patterson said...

I got a basket of sand toys ($1.99), water guns (1.99) and a toddler floating vest (3.99). they were all 75% off! A savings of $21.47!

Unknown said...

I listed a ton of stuff a few days ago on the Facebook page. :-) where would I email photos to?

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Hailey, I saw that and when I put up this post I couldn't remember who had posted it to share it here. I am limited on the number of photos I put in posts, but you can upload them on the FB page anytime and I can take them from there to post when I need them. My contact info is found at the bottom of any page here at Simply CVS. I'll go see if I can find your post there again and copy the list and put it in a comment here.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Here's Hailey's list:

Lunchbox coolers for $2.49. Summer bowls, plates, plastic flatware, napkins, cups, big salad bowls, plates all were 62¢ each. Ice cream scoops for a quarter. Baby pool for $3.75. Ice buckets for $1.49, tumbler cups with straws for $1.67.
$34 igloo cooler for $8.75!!! Ortho bug defense for $3!!

Thanks, Hailey.