Monday, August 8, 2011

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 8/7/2011

Did you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 8/7 to purchase?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I learned from reading and reading and reading what
others did. I am still learning!

PLEASE NOTE:  ONLY link up to your CVS shopping post directly, all others will be removed.  I have had readers mention too many links are not to CVS shopping posts. I have not had the time over the last several weeks to check the links as I was in the beginning.  I hope to start again this week.

If you have a linky on your blog and are linking up here, add "link up" to your title below so readers can link up at your blog, too.

If you'd like to see some saavy shopping at other stores, or if you'd like to link up your CVS deals trips to other places here are a few to check out.  If you are a blogger and have a weekly savings linky and would like it added, leave a link to it in a comment below and I will add it.


Anonymous said... Just in case it does not attach..

Thanks :)

Cheryl said...

It attached just fine, All4Saving! Thanks.

Karen V. M. said...

Purchased the following:

3 Soft Soap Body Wash - 3 for $9 used $1.50 in coupons from SS.

1 Aussie styer & 1 Herbal Essence Styler - 2 for $4.97 and used $2 in coupons from redplum.

Schick Hydro 3 - $8.49 with $3 off from FB page.

CVS ibuprofen - $2.99

Trident gum $1.00

Used $5 off of $25 and $14 ECB's. Paid $3 out of pocket and got back $10 in ECB's.

Cheryl said...

Great trip, Karen. Looks like you had a high savings.

ladydi said...

saturday cvs shopping trip:6 oil of olay face moisturizers, 2 gl. tea & 2 bags of chips, oop cost $3.08...sunday cvs shopping trip:4 dove shampoo's & 4 dove conditioners, oop cost $3.21. saturday i came home with $5.00 ecb & sunday i came home with a $5.00 ecb...

Cheryl said...

nice, Ladydi, you are stocked with beauty items from this week.

Magda said...

For the first time I had to do the bulk of the transaction planning while at the store. I'm very happy I was able to pull it off!

My CVS doesn't even carry those Dove treatment conditioners and since I had a $5 off $30 I wanted to use it on them to cover the OOP.

Ended up getting

$4.98 2 Herbal Essence Shampoo ($2.49 each)
$9 3 Softsoap Bodywash
$1.99 1 Skintimate Shave Cream
$8.49 1 Hydro 5 Razor
$1.98 2 J&J mini first aid
$1.27 1 Gold Emblem Popcorn
- $5 off $30 (the cashier told me the total was over $30 and accepted the coupon...I had a $5 of $25 with me as well & could have used that one instead)
- $1 Herbal Essence coupon (8/7 RP)
- $3.99 Herbal Essence (coupon for a FREE HE from FB promo last month)
- $2.50 Softsoap (2x$1 and 1x$0.50)
- $1.50 Skintimate (printable)
- $2.00 Schick Razor (8/7 SS)
- $1.50 /2 J&J Red Cross Coupon
- $2.00 Gold Emblem (CVS cpn from last week)
$8.22 -$7.99 in ECBs
Paid $0.23 plus tax

And got back $5 for Schick, $1 for Herbal Essence, $3 for Softsoap, and $1 for Green bag Tag ($10 in ECBs, $2 more than what I spent!)

*** FYI the Softsoap ECB had to be printed manually. Not sure why. It said offer limit reached on Mennen Buy 3 Get 3EB on receipt but no coupon printed.
I wonder if it's because of that handsoap I bought last week or was it two weeks ago where it was buy 3 get 3ECB as well.

Cheryl said...

You certainly did pull it off, Magda.

Crystal said...

i got 10 cases of nestle pure life waters for $20. They were on sale fo 3.39. i had 5 coupons for $1 off 2 cases. plus i had a $5 off $25 purchase and $3 extra bucks!

Amanda said...

I've been "couponing" for only 2 months now and go to CVS weekly, but this was the first time I've done multiple transactions (cashier was super nice about it though :)

Transaction #1:
3 dove shampoo
3 dove nourishing oil therapy (I was told these counted as "treatment" and it went through without a beep)
1 shick hydro 5 razor

-$5 off $25
-3 free dove
-$3 shick fb coupon
-$1.50/2 dove shampoo

Total: $3.23 (used no ECB),
Earned: $10 ECB

Transaction #2:
2 Herbal Essence Mousse
3 bags of GE (11oz) chips
1 Pampers Cruisers jumbo pack
1 bengay (raincheck)
1 pack of gum (I needed $0.05 more and that's the cheapest thing they had!)

-$5 off $25
-free Herbal Essence
-$1 off herbal essence
-$6 GE chips (3 x $2 off coupons)
-$2 pampers
-$5 Bengay

Total: $0.69 (after I used $1 ECB)
Earned: $6 ECB

Transaction #3
10 skippy PB (raincheck)
1 colgate tp
2 disney cars 180ct vitamins

-$5 off $25 (it printed 3 out for me last week)
-BOGO vitamins (taken off automatically)
-$10 skippy (10 x $1 off coupons)
-$1 CVS colgate total coupon
-$0.75 colgate MQ

Total: $0.81 (after I used $13 ECB)
Earned: No ECB, but got much needed vitamins and PB!
Overall, good trip!! :)

Another bonus: I was able to snag the $10 voucher to CVS (for $5) on daily dealster today. (yay!!!)

Cheryl said...

$2 a case is great, Crystal.

Cheryl said...

You are right, a very good trip, Amanda. I have been trying to check out that daily dealster thing to share, but I can't get it to work yet.

Anonymous said...

I actually dropped by cvs to get the farmed chap stick on sale
The cvs I went to had physicians formula eyeshadow for .19 each ! I picked up 6 and used 1.00 coupon off physician formula make up

I also grabbed an herbal essence hairspray (2) for 1.14 each clearance - used (2) 1.00 off coupons

I got 1.00 back ecb thinking I was from my green bag tag - actually it's from the herbal essence ! It says limit reached on buy 2 and get 1.00 ecb ! Really crazy ! I was planning on doing 2/4.97 deal but I guess not anymore !

Cheryl said...

Wow, Anon, you really hit the jackpot with clearance & coupon combos!

Anonymous said...

i went to cvs evey day last week returning from my morning walk .everyday the coupon machine threw me coupons for 2 off gold emblem chips.finally sunday i went and got 7 packets of gold emblem chips for free as tehy were on sale for 2/$4.along with some toys my kid cried and made me buy:)and i donated all but one packet to my sons pre school :)

Cheryl said...

Nice job, Anon.

Pat said...

I used the Dove coupon from RP 7/31 today for "Buy one shampoo or conditions, get one treatment free".

There must be 2 different Dove promotions for the $5 ECB's because the Daily Treatment Conditioner was listed as one total and the Shampoo as another on the bottom of my receipt.

At the first store my coupons were entered at the $1.49 sale price. Luckily, I had more Q's at home and went to my favorite CVS! The cashier at the second store put my coupon for the free treatment in at $5.99 (regular price) BEFORE he scanned my CVS card. They rang up on sale there also and were reduced to $1.49 after he scanned my car but, I got a $4.50 in overage on each bottle!

pat said...

I should edit my previous comment to say it was $1.50 overage after both the Dove Shampoo + treatment.

Still, a nice unexpected surprise!

Jennifer said...

Had a great trip to CVS this week.

Transaction #1:
2 - Aussie Gels $1.24 clearance
4 - Garnier Gels $1.19 clearance
1 - Tide Stain Release (full size) $3.36 clearance
1 - Gillete proglide $9.99 (raincheck)
1 - CVS Body Wash $2.27

$5 of $25 CVS coupon
$4.00 pro-glide
$2.00 Aussie coupon
$1.50 Tide stain release
$3.00 Body Wash (not sure why they gave me $3 for this)
$6.00 ECB

TOTAL: $2.47 (Earned $6.00 ECB)

Transation #2:
2 - Bowl Appetite $3.00 (I still hadn't eaten lunch)
1 - HerbelEssence Hairspray $2.49
1 - Secret deodrant $2.49
1 - Schick Hyrdro Razor $8.49
1 - Pantene Shampoo ($4.99)

$4.00 off $20
$1.00 Secret coupon
$2.00 Schick coupon
$4.99 Pantene
$3.99 HerbelEssence
$6.00 ECB

TOTAL: $0.28 (Earned $5.00 ECB)

I used the giftcard I purchased through Dealster yesterday. Worked perfectly and I still have $7.25 available!

Cheryl said...

Jennifer a GREAT trip! And nice bonus on the $10 GC for just $5! glad it worked fine for you.

LinziJai said...

Had a pretty good week this week and got to use my first $10 CVS gift card from Swagbucks! Since my stockpile is growing my deals are still good, but not as large. :) Here is what I purchased today!

Transaction #1
2 Herbal Essences Shampoos @ $4.97
42 ct Zegerid @ $24.99
$5 off $25 Purchase
B1G1 Free Herbal Essence Q
$1 off Herbal Essence Q
$5 off Zegerid (CVS Q)
$6 off Zegerid (Man Q)
$8 in ECB
Total $2.57 (Used Gift card on this)

Transaction #2
1 Schick Hydro 3 Razor @ $8.49

$2 off Hydro razor Q
$5 in ECB
Total $1.61 (Used Gift card on this)

After all was said and done I ended with $5.88 left on my gift card and $14.99 in ECBs! =D
I love love love sales like this!!

Cheryl said...

Very nice! Yes, as your stockpile fills in you can buy less and wait for even better deals.