Monday, August 1, 2011

Share Your CVS Shopping Trip for the Weekly Ad of 7/31/2011

Did you find any good deals  from the CVS Weekly Ad of 5/29 to purchase?  If you blog about your shopping trip I'd love for you to put a link to your post (a link back would be appreciated, but not necessary); and if you don't blog please leave a comment below.  I really enjoy seeing what others get and it is a great way to learn how to CVS.  I
learned from reading and reading and reading what others did. I am still learning!

PLEASE NOTE:  ONLY link up to your CVS shopping post directly, all others will be removed.  I have had readers mention too many links are not to CVS shopping posts. I have not had the time over the last several weeks to check the links as I was in the beginning.  I hope to start again this week.

If you have a linky on your blog and are linking up here, add "link up" to your title below so readers can link up at your blog, too.

If you'd like to see some saavy shopping at other stores, or if you'd like to link up your CVS deals trips to other places here are a few to check out.  If you are a blogger and have a weekly savings linky and would like it added, leave a link to it in a comment below and I will add it.


Anonymous said...

I like to do my CVS shopping early Sunday morning to make sure I get all my deals. Took the kiddos with me though and had to leave a buggy full and come back alone. (Kids weren't up to treasure hunting)
I bought $62.00 worth, spent less than $6.00. My best deal was hitting the Gillette body wash on sale. Used two bogo coupons and $2 off Q and a $1 off Q. Bought four bottles averaging .25cents a piece.
I took a picture of my deal, but don't know how to show it on here, lol.

nickle831 said...

I did 8 CVS transactions. I don't recommend doing this all in one shot like I did unless you have a cashier with a big bag of patience and can shop early. Luckily I had both today. My Sunday shopping I go at 6am before work and have great cashiers. Normally I would spread it out over the week, but lots of coupons were xpiring so I just decided to get it done. I had only planned 5 transactions, I forgot to use 1 coupon, they didn't have a couple of items in stock so I had to switch things around which threw me off a bit. No one else was in line or I would of gone to the end of the line for each transaction so I don't hold anyone up. I also lost a bag in the parking lot when it went flying out of my cart and peanut butter and nail polish started rolling down hill. There are days I wonder what I'm doing. LOL

Transaction 1
2 Dove Shampoo (for gas deal) $3 each (no coupon)
1l Coke (gas deal) .99 forgot to use my $1 coupon
2 Colgate Pro Sensitive 4.99 2-$1 coupons
2 Skinny Cow Candy .99 BOGO coupon
Also used a $10 and $1 CVS coupon
Total after coupons 2.07 and got back $6 and .99 CVS bucks

Transaction 2
2 Revlon nail polish 5.79 each used $3 cvs coupon & 2-$1 mfc
4 Suave deodarant $1 used 4-.75 mfc
Also used the $6 and .99 CVS bucks
Total after coupons .80 got back $6 CVS bucks

Transaction 3
2 Revlon Nail polish 5.79 used 2-$1 mfc
Also used $6 CVS bucks
Total after coupons 3.58 Got back $6 CVS bucks

Transaction 4
6 Suave Deodarants $1
Used $6 CVS bucks
Total Zero OOP and got back $3 CVS bucks

Transaction 5
6 Skippy Peanut butter (for gas deal) 1.67 used 6-$1 mfc
1 Dove body wash (gas deal) $6 used $2 CVS coupon & 1.25 mfc
2 Ozarka water (for gas deal) 3.50 each
Also used $3 CVS bucks
Total after coupons was 11.05
I should of gotten the coupon to get the gas card with this one, but somewhere my math went wrong and I was short 2.96, so....

Transaction 6
Ozarka water 24 pack $3.50
No coupons paid 3.50 got back coupon for $10 gas card

Transaction 7
OOP zero
was for the gas card but she gave me the wrong one, so we had to do a return which didn't work so they ended up giving me a CVS giftcard which was just as good as the gas card b/c I'm there often anyway.

I figured well now I have some CVS money so I'll do one more transaction on my husbands card.

Transaction 8
2 Revlon lipgloss 5.79 used $3 cvs coupon & 2-$1 mfc
2 skinny cow candy used Bogo coupon
used gift card to pay 8.19 got back 6.99 in cvs bucks and have 1.81 left on card.

Total Cost of product before coupons 102.17
Total Cost after coupons 21.30
I have a $6 CVS buck and a .99 CVS buck and 1.81 left on the Giftcard
I'm not counting the 8.19 as money spent out of pocket b/c I treat it like a CVS buck.

Anonymous said...

sorry posted video in the wrong week. Can someone delete it for me? Thanks

Cheryl said...

Nice trip, Anon. No, you can't ad a pic here--you can on our Facebook page if you'd like (or if you uploaded it someplace you could put the link here).

Soon all stores will be on board for the new policy of not allowing B1G1 coupons with a $/1 coupons so your deal won't be so sweet next time something like this comes up (I just wanted to give you the heads up before you are disappointed). so sad to see it go.

Cheryl said...

Now, a CVS shopper with a full cart of nearly free items chasing rolling nail polish and peanut butter would make a great you tube video :-). That is a lot of transactions, Nickle, but it's the way to go. I would love a CVS card instead of a gas card :-).

Cheryl said...

Will do, Anon!

Pat said...

Posted last week's link in by mistake Cheryl! Sorry, I'll get the hang of it and be back with the correct link when I get this week's trip posted on my blog.

I love this feature! It sure helps me acquire a lot of deals I might otherwise have missed!

Cheryl said...

Pat, it seems to be the day for mis-linking :-). I'll delete it.

Cheryl said...

all4saving , I deleted your link because it didn't work when clicked on--please try again so everyone can see your trip.

Magda said...

The CVS shopping stars were aligned perfectly for me this week.
I started out with a $5 of $25 coupon AND an extra $5 ECB for beauty club.

Scanned my card at the red box and out comes out a FREE 18ct Kotex Liners coupon.

Then EVERYTHING I had on my list was in stock. =D

$13.67 for Band-Aid Products (2 packs of bandages -- $4.19 for 20ct Hello Kitty ones, $3.69 for 40ct assorted pack, 1 Neosporin $5.79)
$1.98 for 2 mini Johnson+Johnson Red Cross first aid kits ($.99ea)
$ 5.99 for Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor
$ 11.58 for 2 Revlon Color Blast Lip products ($5.79 ea -- Lipstick & Lipgloss)
$ 1.98 for 2 Skinny Cow Candy
$ 1.49 for Kotex U 18ct Liners
$ 7.79 for Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide Razor (hmm I just noticed it rang up wrong at a lower price.)
- $5 for CVS coupon spend $25 get $5 off
- $2.00 for Band-Aid/Neosporin ($1.50 & .50 coupons from )
- $1.50 for 2 Johnson & Johnson Red Cross products (these coupons were at Walgreens by the Red Cross products)
- $3.00 for Bic Soleil Razor
- $3 for CVS coupon $3 off $10 Beauty Purchase
- $2 for Revlon (two $1 off)
- $.99 for 1 Skinny Cow
- $1.77 for Kotex U 18ct Liners (.28 overage!)
- $4.00 for Gillette Razor
$21.22 (after coupon total)
- $21 in ExtraBucks
$0.22 (out of pocket subtotal), with tax I paid $2.36 (I just realized somehow my tax was calculated on the post coupon total. Tax in Chicago is 9.75% on non food stuff. Should have been $4.33.. I THINK)

And got back
$5 for Band-Aid/Neosporin ==> Spend $12 get $5 back
$6 for Revlon ==> $3 for each item
$.99 for Skinny Cow
$3 for Bic
$5 for Gillette
$19.99 in ExtraBucks

Then of course I shared coupons with my mom who once again accompanied me on the CVS run.

She had these awesome $1.50 off any 3 Suave products coupons she picked up at the grocery store like a month ago.

$10 for 10 Suave deodorants (we split them 5 each)
$5.99 for Bic Razor
$9.99 for Gillette Razor
$1.98 for Skinny Cow
- $5 off $25 CVS coupon
- $4.50 for Suave (3 $1.50 coupons)
- $3 for Bic
- $4 for Gilette
- $.99 for Skinny Cow
- $9 in ECBs

TR 2

$11.58 for 2 Revlon lipsticks
$1.49 for 18ct Kotex U Liners
$5.48 for two Lumene makeup remover wipes
- $3 off $10 Beauty Purchase
- $2 Revlon
- $1.49 Kotex
- $5.98 Lumene ($4 and one adjusted down to $1.98)
- $6 ECB from transaction 1
.08 + tax

Cheryl said...

Magda, it looks like everything was coming up roses for you this week. Fun to have a CVSing buddy come along!

Erin said...

CVS was one of six stops on my Sunday shopping list. I only got a few things at CVS this week but they were great deals!

I have the trip break down posted on my blog! : )

Living Leaner said...

wow all of you have inspired me. To think I almost skipped CVS this week. I will make a trip back today for the chocolate and nail polish. (I'll try not to drop it out of the cart and have to run after it...but if I do I will make a youtube video :)

Cheryl said...

LOL, Living Leaner. I'll be watching for it :-). have fun on your shopping and choosing nail colors.

nickle831 said...

LOL Cheryl, never thought to pull out the camera phone and video them rolling around.

Esperanza said...

Transaction 1-

Gilette razor. ($4/1)
Bic razor. ($3/1)
Skinny cow x2. (b1g1)
6 ecb's

Oop- around 3 + tax. Got 8.99 ecb's

Transaction 2-

Gilette bodywash x4. (2x $/1 + 2 b1g1)
Febreze air effects x4. ($1/1 + $1/2)
febreze fab. Refresher ($1/1 + b1g1ae)
8.99 ecbs

Oop- 0 + tax. Got 2 more $5/25 and found out my cvs takes expired coupons. Woot.

Cecilia said...

I got 2 Covergirl lipsticks $11.32(used $5/2 coupon and the $3/10 beauty)
1 Gillette Razor $9.99($4/1)
2 skinny cow candy bars $0.99(BOGO coupon)
1 fructis hair styling $4.59(was hoping to complete my $15 for the $5ECB but it didn't work, and they couldn't tell me which one I was supposed to buy, oh well.. I had a $1/1 coupon)
1 Colgate Pro-relief $4.99 ($1.50/1)

I used last week's ECB $18 and paid $1.33 OOP and received $8.99 ECB's. It would have been better if the Fructis had worked and I had gotten my extra $5, but my cashier wasn't very helpful or patient, so I let it go in order to be a wanted customer hehehe

Maggie F said...

Just as I thought there's nothing to buy this week from CVS....

July 31st, 2011

(2) Skinny Cow Candies $0.99
(2) Daily News Newspapers $1.25
New York Post Newspaper $1.50 (apparently my CVS decided they can charge more than the listed price of $1.25 :( )

-Used 4 ECBs
-Skinny Cow Candy B1G1 Free

Subtotal $0.99 Tax $0.14
Total $1.13 (money card) Got 0.99 ECBs

August 1st, 2011

Kotex U Panty Liners 18 Ct $1.57
Gold Emblem Cheese Puff 12 oz $1.50
Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Lipgloss $10.99
Irish Spring deodorant trial size $0.99

-$1.77 FREE Kotex panty liners CVS Q (guess no tax on that!)
-$2 Gold Emblem Snacks CVS Q
-$0.99 Irish Spring Deodorant CVS Q
-$3 off $10 Cosmetics CVS Q
-$5 Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Lip Gloss CVS Q
-$2 Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Lip Gloss Peelie

Subtotal $0.29 Tax $0.83
Total $1.12 Got 1 ECB Green Tag

I am going back to get those awesome Revlon lip gloss that I LOVE when the second $3 off $10 cosmetic coupon comes out :)

AND CVS is bascially paying me 50 cents to take the giant Gold Emblem Cheese Puffs home :D

ylime99 said...

This is my second week of CVSing, I'm starting to get it, hopefully I'll do better and jump into the world of multiple transactions soon.

Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor $5.99
-$3 Bic Soleil coupon
Skinny Cow Candy 2 @ $.99
- .99 (BOGO coupon)
Pampers Cruisers Jumbo Pack $8.99
- $2.00 Pampers Coupon
(Is 11 months too young to potty train? lol I hate buying diapers)
Gillette Fusion Proglide $9.99
- $4.00 Proglide coupon

My subtotal was $28ish. Used $5/$25 coupon and $12 ECB from last week. Spent a total tax of $1.32 and received $9.99 ECB back.

Audrey Jarrett said...

This is the first trip to CVS that kept me on my toes. I had to make two trips because I left some of the coupons at home for the gas deal. (First time doing it). Now I am at home and looked on my reciept and they charged me 1.99 for the Coke when they are in the ad for .99 (not happy)now I got to make another trip to get some of my money back, grrrr)


Trans 1
skinny cow singles $.99 get $.99 eb limit 1 $1.98
(4) Coke 2 liter $1.99 (7.96) (gas deal) suppose to be .99 (not happy)
(20) friskies cat food 5.5 oz $.40 $8 (gas deal)
Degree Deodorant $3

Use $4 off $20
-bogo skinny cow dreamy clusters or heavenly crisp, 1 oz bag, 0.77 oz bar, up to $0.99
$1/20 coupon cat food
Use $1/1 Degree Deodorant
$3 ECB, $2 ECB, $5 ECB, $2ECB
Pay 2.64 Got back 0.99 ECB

Trans 2
(3) Ragu $5 (gas deal)
(2) Tresemme $7 (gas deal)
Degree Deodorant $3

Use 0.60/3 Ragu
Use (2) $1/1 Tresemme
Use $1/1 Degree Deodorant
Use 0.99 ECB from Trans 1

Pay $11.16

Trans 3
Gillette Fusion Razor 9.99

Used $4/1 coupon

Pay $6.59 Got back $4 ECB and $1 ECB from green tag

Trans 4
Dove Visible Care $6 (gas deal)
Dove Men + Care $5 (gas deal)

Used 1.25/1 Coupon for Dove Visible Care
Used $1/1 Dove Men's + Care
Used $1 ECB & $5 ECB

Pay $3.35 Got back $10 gas card

Total oop 23.74 Saved $52.34 Got the $10 gas card I will go back and get some of my money back on the Coke. I was able to get my gas card easier because of it, but I am not going to give it back because of their mistake.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link

Cheryl said...

Wow you guys are doing great! I will not be doing my deal shopping until later in the week.

@ Esperanza, Great on the expired coupons and the $5/25's oon top of a great day for saving.

@ Cecilia, disappointing on the Fructis, but you did do great--and you are right, letting it go is often the best policy.

@ Maggie, CVS is always full of surprises when I think it is going to be a slow week.

@ ylime99, looks like you really do have the hang of it! Thanks for sharing!

@ Audrey, there are some weeks like that. You may try calling 800shopcvs with your receipt and ad in hand about the Coke--perhaps they can add a $1 extra buck to your card for the error and you wouldn't have to go back. I am not sure, but I have read of others doing similar things. I got my mom the gas card deal this week and it printed at $29.95.

@ all4saving, will add it for you.

Anonymous said...

I posted tons of clearance items I found at CVS yesterday on my website. Please have a look.


Audrey Jarrett said...

I might do that in the morning. I would like to get my $4 back.

Anonymous said...

For the last few weeks I've gone back-to-back on Sunday then Monday! It always starts that I only plan to get 1-2 things and somehow deals pop up (even though I plan ahead) that I go back on Monday! :)

Sunday: (had to go to 2 CVS's to find the Skinny Cow!)
-2 Skinny Cow candy 99c, used a printed BOGO coupon, get 99c back = 2 free
-1 Bertolli pasta sauce, 1.67

-Bic Soliel Shimmer razor 5.99 get 3.00 extra bucks, I waited to clip my $2 coupon from the Sunday paper
-Clear eyes eye drops (bought out of necessity, but on sale!) 2.99
-here's the FUN part, the scanner gave me my $3/10 cosmetics coupon yesterday, which I held on to. I have the $1 off Revlon coupon from a previous insert. Today, miraculously, the scanner gave me a $3 off Revlon purchase coupon!!! I was SO happy, I bet people around the scanner thought I was nuts. So I got 2 Revlon lipsticks, 5.79 X 2 - 3/10 - 3 scanner - 1 manuf, plus 6.00 extra bucks back = 1.42 money maker! This TOTALLY made my day/week--funny how little things like this give me SO much joy :)

Hope everyone else's trips are as fun as mine!!

Cheryl said...

Anon, sounds like a great week for you. Love surprises at the scanner--and yes, even when you think there isn't much to get CVS always surprises you.

Melissa said...

I had a great time shopping at CVS and other drug stores on Sunday morning before leaving for vacation on Monday. Had to get the couponing in before I left!

I had a $5 off $25 and two awesome coupons for freebies from the magic coupon machine. The Bic Soleils were out of stock so I bought some birthday cards I needed to get up to the $25.

I got:

Kotex 18 count liners $1.57
2x Hallmark cards $2.79 each
2x Revlon nail polish $5.79 each
Gold Emblem Cheese curls $1.47
2x Skinny cow candies $0.99 each
2x Kashi Cereals $3 each

Total = $28.18

$5 off $25, Used FREE Kotex liner CVS coupon (deducted $1.77), 2x $1 off Revlon cosmetic, $2 off Emblem chips, B1G1 Skinny cow, 2x $1 off Kashi, +$2ECBs

OOP= $12.42 GB $6.99ECBs

This was the first time I've been demanding with a cashier, usually I try to be polite. But I had two $1 off Revlon color cosmetic coupons from the paper. One just said Revlon color cosmetic, and the other said $1 off Ultra Mascara or any Revlon color cosmetic. Just because the one had a picture of a mascara she wasn't going to accept it, although she'd accepted the other one.

So in this case I thought I was justified in insisting that she take it because they are basically the same coupon!

The more senior cashiers at my CVS are so awesome about couponing, it was a little disappointing to get this little hiccup.

Melissa said...

Hey Cheryl,

I forgot in my last post that I also used a $3 off $10 cosmetics coupon from the CVS machine. I was going off memory 'cause I'm on vacation!

So that brought my total down to $9 and change.


Cheryl said...

Melissa, it is amazing how much difference a cashier can make. congrats on those $5/25's--cards are a great way to use up the $5, Sarah does that, too.

Cheryl said...

Melissa, I missed that last comment--I thought it was cool you were sharing with us on your vacation :-).

Anonymous said...

The last link doesn't go to a CVS trip... I was having trouble navigating it...

Cheryl said...

Thanks a million, Anon! Will check into it.

amy said...

I made a trip to CVS today 8/2/11 and spent $3.04 OOP with $1 ECB bucks.
Here is a link to my posting. I used up several rainchecks I still had in my possession. I love that they don't expire!!!

Cheryl said...

Rainchecks are amazing in helping getting great deals, Amy.

Anonymous said...

I ran into a problem with my CVS trip yesterday, and I'm not sure what the correct answer is. Is it possible to use a $5 off $25 along with a $3 off $10 cosmetic purchase in the same transaction? The cashier wouldn't take my $3 off $10 cosmetic purchase q after scanning the $5 off $25.

Cheryl said...

Anon, this is one of those things that some stores seem to allow and some do not. I never get the $/$$ coupons so I don't have personal experience. But I think the wording on them prohibits any other type of $/$$ coupon. I have read CVS employees online saying YES and others say NO. Hopefully CVS will make these things clear in their new coupon policy that is to come out in the fall.

Geri F said...

wow cvs must be reading my mind just recieved an email for 5 off 25:-) while i was getting my reciepts to share w. you.
first trans 1..
7 seattles best cans (one found one since the coupon came out)



2 dove shampoos
2 dove conditioners
2 dove treaments
2 dove hair sprays(since no more treatmenst)
3 ragus
4 cokes
1 buffs
1 chips
3 photo prints
total oop 7.42
recieved 10 gift card
store manager found out they can give the card another happy dance.

Cheryl said...

Geri, sounds like you are on a CVS roll! NICE on the gift card. One week I got a gas card and there are no stations in our area at all.

Moma Kay said...

I Love CVS!!

4 Axe body wash @ 4.49- 17.96
1 Oral-B Power TB @ 5.99
1 Dawn Dish Soap @ .99
1 Gold Emblem Chips @ 2.57
1 Revlon Core Nail @ 5.49
1 Revlon Top Speed Nail @ 5.79
Subtotal $38.79

-5.00 CVS $5 off $30 email
-.50 Dawn Dish Soap Q
-2@1.00 Revlon Product Q(Had to fight for them to use these)
-2@4.49 Axe BOGO Body Wash Q
-3.00 Oral-B Power TB Q
-3.00 CVS $3 off $10 Beauty Purch.
-2.00 CVS Gold Emblem Chip
-14.00 Last weeks ECB
Coupon Total -$38.48

OOP- $0.31 plus Tax

Received $7 ECB
Should have received $10, but because one Revlon nail product was not Top Speed I did not receive my ECB even thought there is a sign hanging on that shelf stating you earn a $3 ECB. I'll be calling customer service soon. I still came out on top!!

Cheryl said...

Kay, you had a great trip!! I'm surprised they didn't honor the sign and print your extra bucks manually for you. C.S. is great though--just have your receipt in hand.

Brandi said...

I had two trips this week, because items I special ordered hadn't arrived yet.

Trip 1
2 Skinny Cow Singles
1 Kotex U Pantiliners
Used Free Kotex U CVS coupon and BOGO Skinny Cow.
Total was $0.83 and got $0.99 ECBs.

Trip 2
18 Jars of Skippy PB - this is the special order and will last only about 3 months at my house...
Used $5/$30 CVS coupon, 9 $1/2 Skippy Coupons, and $5.98 in ECBs.
Total was $10.02 and got $10 gas card.

Cheryl said...

Nice, Brandi. Special orders are so convenient.