Friday, August 12, 2011

How Do You Know if a Repeated CVS Extra Buck Deal is a Different Deal or the Same?

A reader recently asked about a repeat deal in a recent ad and I have been asked several times before about CVS extra buck deals that are repeated in ads more than once a month so I decided to repeat this post.  For instance, recently the Soft Soap Deal was in more than one ad.  Is it a monthly deal with a limit of one, or two
different deals with a limit of one each?  There are two ways to check.

First, each extra buck deal has its own "event code" (see photo).  If you have both CVS ads you can compare the code numbers below the deals and see if they match.  If they are the same, it is the same deal, if they are different numbers, they are different deals.  But sometimes the limit is raised the second week.  So if the first week the limit is one and the new week the limit is one, sometimes the limit is raised to two in the system the second week the deal is offered.  How do you know this?  That brings up the second way to check if they are the same deal.

At the bottom of each CVS receipt any current extra buck deals you have taken advantage of will be listed.  It will either show that you have reached the limit or that you can still do the deal.  So if you are not sure if a new deal is a repeat deal and you don't have the ad, you can just check the bottom of your receipt during the week the new deal is offered to see if it says your limit is reached.  This is also the way you can check to see if a deal that is listed in the new sales ad with the same number as a former deal has an increased limit.

There are times when CVS increases extra buck deal limits after the ad is printed and this is how you can find this out, too.  So it is a good idea to look over your receipt after you shop each week.  And it is also fun to watch the year to date savings grow that is shown on the receipt.

If you have other CVSing questions you can find the link the post "Ask A CVS Question" in the far sidebar near the top of this page and leave a comment with your question.  I will answer it there and perhaps write a post with the answer, too.


Pat said...

Great infomation and I learned some new things. Thanks!

Carey said...

Thank you so much! I learned quite a bit from your explanation, I really appreciate it!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Glad to help :-).