Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot New Printable ~ $2 off ANY Visine Product: Free Trial Size At CVS

I was looking over the coupons to print before the end of the end of the month and saw this Visine coupon and when I printed it it indeed is off ANY.  Free if you get the trial size found at the CVS register for $1.99! Get it quick while it is available.  Visine is also part of the gas deal this week.  Here's a CVS coupon, too, note the product specification, but the $2 manu. printable could be combined with it: (EDITING:  Maggie stated below that this coupon is printing as a manufacturer coupon with an UPC beginning with a 5, not a CVS beginning with a 4 in which case it shouldn't be combined with another one):


Anonymous said...

I got 8 bottles of the vision products priced between $4.59 and $5.59 they let me use the cvs coupon in conjunction with the $3 printable direct from visine. I got all 8 bottles for free and got the cas gift card.

CZYK Publishing said...

I am not sure how you got them for free.

4.49 + (2.25) = 6.74, and you only have $6 off?

Lisa f

Wonder said...

if i buy 8 bottles the price will be

(4) $4.99 = $19.96
(4) $2.49 = $9.96
Total: $29.92

Use 1 $4 off $20
Use 8 $3/1 Visine

New Total: $1.92

plus get back a $10 Gas Card yay now only thing is i need 4 more Visine $3/1 coupons

cuz i had 6 but gave 2 to my sister to use so got 4 left for me. will use her computer to print $3/1 if i can still print if they didn't ran out.

Anonymous said...

My store let me use both the $2 cvs printable and the $3 printable and the bottles I purchased were priced between $4.59 and $5.29. They actually gave me back one of the cvs coupons because my total would have gone below zero if they used it. Hope this helps.

nikita58467 said...

Hey Cheryl,

Just wanna make sure. Isn't the Summer Spectrum Q from the CVS Coupon site is a manufacturer's coupon? We can't combaine this one with $2 or $3 Visine MQ right? Thanks! Can't wait to see you back shopping at CVS again :)

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Maggie, I do not have it before me, but it says redeem only at CVS on the image above and I thought for sure it was a CVS coupon--that starts with a 4 in the UPC--when I wrote this post, (now I can't remember if I printed it or not) which means you can combine it. Many readers have commented they have used both together, so it must be.

nikita58467 said...

ummm the ones I just printed out are starts with 5 and they said Manufacturer's coupon on top. Maybe I didn't print the CVS ones on time. Oh well :(

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks, Maggie, for letting me know. It mus be a manufacturer's then. I'll edit this post.

nikita58467 said...

There was a same Visine CVS coupon about a month ago. I printed that one out then but it was expired. I wonder if they just replaced a manufacturer one on CVS Coupon site. Thank you very much Cheryl :)