Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Back in the Swing of CVS Shopping with a $50 Gift Card Challenge of My Own

As many of you know I have been out of the loop of CVS shopping for four weeks.  I am getting ready to jump back in the week of September 4.  I plan to use a free $50 Gift Card I earned on Swag Bucks to get started.  It will be a little different from what I am used to as I am starting out again as a beginner.

I have decided to start all over as a beginner with a new card and no extra bucks in hand.  Then I can post about my shopping and show how a new CVSer can jump in and start saving.  I applied online for a new card since I
have not been in the store and received it in the mail.  A new card means the in-store coupon kiosk (scanner) will not give me special coupons until I shop several weeks and then I will start receiving them mostly based on my shopping habits.  I will be able to give a clear picture of what it is like to start shopping at CVS for the first time--what deals are possible for newbies with the few scanner coupons I will receive, extra bucks and coupons.
My gateway to savings pass.
A new CVS extra care card.

So I will keep track of the first $50 I spend--including tax.  I will only do deal shopping with this $50 to show a little of how you can get "extreme savings" at CVS with your Extra Care Card, extra bucks and coupons.  If you'd like to see my original $10 CVS gift card challenge I did years ago you can check out the final post in the adventures of the CVS gift card seriesat Gather.  I was able to stretch that one to over $700 in merchandise, but a great part of that was before I had to pay tax when using extra bucks--this $50 one will go much more quickly.

I have more gift card challenges planned for the future, such as a $50 Grocery challenge.  These make me nervous as everyone is watching, but I will try to do my best and see how far $50 can go at CVS.  So I will continue to work at Swag Bucks, MyPoints and others to earn the free gift cards to start with when this one is done.  I may have to work just a little harder to be sure I have $50 at a time to start them.

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Britt said...

I stopped CVS shopping about two months ago. I just didn't see the good deals any longer and it was getting too stressful for me to keep up with. I look forward to seeing how you start up again.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Deals usually pick up in the fall, Britt, so it may be a good time to jump in. I just needed a break from all that I could take a break from for a few weeks so I choose CVS shopping as one. I'm ready to do the matchups for next week and see what I find.

Unknown said...

I'll be watching Cheryl! It's an inspiration to see how well you do. I can then show my family the savings that they can achieve if they try! How long did it take you to get enough swagbucks for the $50 gift card? I'm at 1900 points right now. I checked out my points, still not sure how it works but I'm willing to try :) Anything that will help me earn gift cards, etc. even if it takes a while. Student loans have kicked in and they are KICKING my butt in payments!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for all you do!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Debbie, you can cash out for much lower than $50 ($10 & $25). I did that first to have some to shop with and then saved up for the $50. Fortunately I have referrals helping me earn at the moment. Check out the link in the far right side bar under "Earn CVS Gift Cards.." that says SwagBucks 101 Lessons Index. Then read thru and see what you are not doing and click on that lesson for tips and/or instructions. I've included everything in them.

Beth said...

I agree with Britt — I go in "spurts" with CVS and it can be stressful. I'm very interested too in following along and will be reading!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

I used to get really stressed. But the longer I did it and reminded myself even if it didn't all work out just so I was still saving a ton it helped. Also, the longer I did it the more confident I was that I knew what I was doing and there was no need to let it stress me out so much. I had to convince myself to enjoy it and let my mistakes go--I am hard on myself so I would get too upset if I made a mistake and spent "too much."