Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CVS Gas Card Deal for the Weekly Ad of 8/14/2011 w/Coupon Match-ups

Here are the sale items included in the CVS Free Gas Card deal for the CVS weekly ad of 8/14.  Be sure to look throughout the ad as well as at the front and back pages for all of the details for these products.  The deals are often hidden throughout the ad.

Free $10 CVS Gas Card when you purchase $30 of the following products (before coupons) LIMIT 1 (a coupon will print at the end of your receipt after the purchase, turn it in for the gas card.  I read to be sure you have them scan the coupon and the card to

activate the card.):

Kleenex Facial 184-200ct, Lotion 65ct, Anti-Viral, Ultra Soft or Boutique 75-100ct 2/$3
$1/4 Kleenex Facial Tissue Boxes, any 50 count or higher - 07-17-11 SS EXPIRES 8/14
$.50/2 boxes Kleenex (50 count or higher) of Kleenex ultra-soft, lotion or anti-viral facial tissue SS 8/14

Nature Made Supplements Cholest Off 60-120ct, ALL CoQ10, Fish Oil, Flaxseed or Vitamin D B1G1
Join the Nature Made reward program for added savings.  See details here.
There are the following printables at that you must register to print—I am not sure if they are available to those already registered or only newly registered.
$1/1 any nature Made Product Printable
$1/1 Nature Made Vitamin D Printable
$1/1 nature Made Fish Oil Printable

Nestle Pure Life Purified Water 16.9oz Bottles 24pk $3.39
$1/2 Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, .5-Liter Multi-Packs, 20-Pk. +, Any - 07-31-11 RP (if .5 is equal to 16.9 oz)

Scott Choose-A-Size Mega Rolls 6pk $5
$1/1 Scott Paper Towels (p.138, All You magazine, Aug. 2011)

Cottonelle or Cottonelle Ultra Bathroom Tissue 18pk $10
$1/2 Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue, any Two (2) 4-packs or One (1) 12-pack or larger - 07-17-11 SS
$.50/1 Printable
$.50/1 Printable sign up required
$.75/2 Cottonelle 4-packs or $.75/1 12-pack or larger toilet paper SS 8/14
Cottonelle Wipes 42ct $1.96
$.50/1 Printable
$1/2 Printable (sign up required—may be $.50/2—it was not clear and I did not print it)
$1/2 Cottonelle Flushable Moist Wipes, any (Not Valid on Trial Size) - 07-17-11 SS
$.75/2 Cottonelle  flushable moist wipes (not valid on trial size) SS 8/14

Scott Bathroom Tissue 12pk $7.47

ALL Jumbo Pk. Huggies $8.99
$2/1 Huggies Little Movers Slip on Diapers Printable (CVS coupon)
$1.50/1 Huggies package of huggies diapers SS 8/14
$3/1 Huggies pack of Huggies little movers slip-on diapers SS 8/14

Huggies Wipes 64-72ct $2.79
$.40/1 Huggies package Huggies baby wipes (64ct or larger) SS 8/14

Jack Link's Jerky, Nuggets, or Tender Cuts 3-3.25oz 2/$7

Cheez-It 7.5-9oz 2/$4

Gatorade Recover 16.9oz 2/$4

Starbucks Energy 15oz or Frappuccino 13.7 2/$4

Air Wick Freshmatic Odor Detect Automatic Spray 6.17oz $6.99
I am not sure which this is but here are the coupons that may work:
$4/1 Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Starter Kit SS 7/10
$4/1 Air Wick Freshmatic ultra or Freshmatic compact starter kit SS 8/14
There is a $2/1 Printable reported, sign up required and I did not do it to see if it is there.

Scrubbing Bubbles 16oz 2/$6
$1/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaners, any - 07-31-11 SS

Shout, Fantastik, or Windex 22-32oz 2/$6
$1/2 Shout Products, any - 07-10-11 SS
$1/2 Windex Products, any - 07-31-11 SS
$.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner, any - 07-31-11 SS

Pledge Furniture Polish, Spray 9.7-12.5oz Fabric Sweeper 1ct 2/$6

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Discs 6ct 2/$6

Glade Air Freshener 9oz or Scented Oil Warmer 1ct (excludes Air Infusions) $.99

Garnier Ultra-Lift Eye Roller .5oz, Day, Night, Eye Cream or Deep Wrinkle Treatment .5-1.7oz $13.99
Garnier Skin Renew Lotion 2.5oz Moisture Cream 1.7oz or Eye Roller .5oz $10.99
$2/1 Garnier Moisturizer, Any - 08-07-11 RP
$1/1 Garnier Cleanser or Moisturizer, any - 06-19-11 RP
$1/1 Garnier Moisturizer Printable
$1/1 Garnier Moisturizer Printable (I am not sure if this is for hair or face—not familiar with it)

Nexxus Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styler 1-33.8oz (excludes Color Assure Shampoo, Collor Ensure Conditioner 33.8oz and Trial Sizes) $5.29

Zantac 75 (80 ct) or 150 (65 ct) $17.99
$1/1 Zantac Product, any 24 ct or larger - 06-26-11 SS
$5/1 Printable (Smartsource coupon—some CVS’s have been reported as not taking SS lately, but it may have been resolved)

Kellogg's Special K multi-grain crackers 8oz or Cracker Chips 4oz 2/$4
Kellogg’s offers coupons for signing up for their emails. I do not know what are currently available but you can click thru the banner below to sign up and see.


Anonymous said...

How about a good HUGGIES deal??

Just discovered: I got a $5/$25 coupon in my emails, but it would still work!
Spend $30, get $10 in gas!
Buy 4 Huggies diapers (8.99)= $35.96
stack (4) cvs $2 coupon for slip on diapers w/(4)$3 slip on coming in
8/14 SS. (i have two computers, so was able to print 4 CVS coupons)
Use $5/$25 coupon,$20 in coupons by stacking

PAY $11 OOP get $10 gas card!! WOW!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great deal, Anon. Read your CVS coupons closely to see if you need to do them in separate transactions. They often say only one per customer or transaction.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Which would still work, by the way, I just didn't want you to try and use them and not be able to and throw you off.

Anonymous said...

Well, it says one coupon per customer per visit on my $2 coupon from So i guess you are right,I wont be able to stack all those coupons, only one. Bummer!
But thanks so much for letting me know!!

Anonymous said...

Will it keep track of your purchases that go toward the gas card if you split up the transactions or does all $30 worth of stuff have to be bought in the same transaction?
Thanks for your help! Love the blog!!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Anon, it can be bought separately as long as it is all the same week. I had this in the post but missed it when I copied and pasted :-).

Anonymous said...

Cheryl will I be allowed to use four of these coupons separately? I am doing a similar deal without the $ 5/25 coupon. I never get these.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Do you mean the Huggie's CVS coupon? Since they say one per visit you would have to do it in different visits. I'm not sure that is what you are asking, if not, ask again :-).

Lisa said...

I guess I want to double check, for the gas deal: The $30 spent is before coupon usage, right?
Because after coupons, what I plan on doing, I will be somewhere in the $14 range. And then I would get a $10 gas card with that? Is this right? If so, great!!

Thanks for this site! Its very helpful!! I am learning to LOVE CVS!

Lisa said...

:) Nevermind on what I just asked, about being before coupons, I just read it on your site. It just seems unbelievable? So I will actually spend $14 and get a $10 gas card, which I already was going to buy (always need fuel!), so really its $4 on the food/diapers I'm buying?? That's amazing!!
Thanks anyway!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Yes, Lisa, as long as your sub-total is $30 for these products your coupon for the gas card will print on your receipt. Glad you are coming to love CVSing!! It is fun.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

I answered your first comment before the second, lol. Yes, it is amazing--that's the joy of CVS shopping with coupons :-).

Sally said...

Ok I am on the slow side. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am understanding that the $30.00 spent get $10.00 gas deal can be done in multi transactions as long as it is this week. I am also seeing that if I print the CVS coupon online for the diapers along with my insert ones I can use more then one CVS coupon.

I get so lost on these deals

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Yes, you can do it in multiple transactions, Sally. Unfortunately the CVS coupon is gone for the diapers now. If you printed it before you should be able to use one with one manufacturer coupon--it says one per customer. Also, though it says cannot be combined with other coupons--which is rare for a CVS coupon. So before you use it ask if you can use it as normal with a manufacturer coupon--some people have been able to and some not. The scanner is also printing a $3/1 Huggies (same kind as the one online)for some shoppers, maybe you will get that. Now, did I just confuse you all the more? It can be veeeerrrry confusing, so always ask.