Friday, August 19, 2011

CVS Email Alert: 25% off coupon good until 8/21/11

I received an email from CVS with a coupon for 25% off good in store up to $99 value or online through Sunday, August 21st. It "excludes sale & promotional items, prescriptions, alcohol, gift cards, lottery, money orders, postage stamps, pre-paid cards & tobacco products." For using it in a store it offers a printable coupon or the option to attach the savings offer to my card (if you attach it to your card, it will apply it to your next purchase, whether or not it has any qualifying items).

Remember, these coupons often have many exemptions, so be sure to read the fine print closely for others. I suggest if you get it and go shopping while it is good, use the coupon even if you aren’t sure if you got anything it is good on since it can’t hurt to be sure and many are often surprised with at least some savings. So go check your inboxes and junk folders, and if you didn’t get it-make sure you’ve signed up to get CVS emails though that is no guarantee you will get them. lSarahl


Melissa said...

If I buy something with a BOGO coupon, and I use this 25% off coupon as well, would it be better to give the 25% off coupon first or last? I'm hoping that the cashier will take off the full retail price of the free product, instead of the price once 25% off has been applied. (I hope that made sense!)

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Melissa, I am not sure I know. I have never had one of these to use, but I think they take off an amount--not that each item price is reduced. So the free item would ring up the full price and that is what she would know to take off for your coupon (unless of course she is really on top of it and figures the 25% off for herself and then does the free coupon. From what I read, it doesn't seem to matter when you give the 25% off coupon--as it seems to be a reduced amount after CVS coupons/ecbs are used to pay anyways even if given first. (and I hope THIS made sense-lol).

Stacey said...

I never got an email about this, but I happen to log on to my Extracare account and saw it sitting there so I attached it to my card. I had a sinilar coupon last week, but again never got an email. Might be worth logging in an seeing whats there for you.

The coupon worked when they scanned my card.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

thanks, Stacey, I need to post about this as readers on FB have said the same thing--mine,nothing!