Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CVS Clearance Deals Found the Week of 8/7

At my store, there were a number of items on clearance in the aisle with cold/flu/etc. products: 50% off: Vicks Formula 44 Custom Care Chesty Cough (syrup), Ludens Wild Berry throat drops. 75%off: Neo-Synephrine Regular strength spray, Alka-Seltzer Plus Fast Powder Packs, Emergen-C Immune Defense Ruby Lemon Honey flavored fizzy drink mix, Diabetic Tussin Maximum Strength liquid, Cepacol
Sore Throat+Coating (sugar free Lemon Lime lozenges), Cepacol Sore Throat Pain relief (Honey Lemon Lozenges), Halls Refresh Strawberry, Halls Refresh Lemon Raspberry, CVS Cough Strawberry Drop, CVS Spearmint Cough Drop, Softlips Vanilla Value Pack, Softlips Cherry Value Pack, CVS Sanitizing Wand (UV-C light), Pocket Size CVS Sanitizing Wand.

 If you found anything else leave a comment for others to join in on the savings. Also there are still a number of items from past weeks , so if you haven’t checked our clearance posts for past weeks you may wish to check them out, and some will probably be a larger % off than mentioned in the original post. I hope you find lots of clearance deals you can use. lSarahl


Hailey said...

I saw the leudens at store as well.

Rachel said...

I found Colgate Wisp, 4 count (peppermint only) 75% off... somewhere around $.70. There's a $.50 coupon out there that makes these a fantastic price! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like my entire store is on clearance...I took some pictures and posted them here:

Anonymous said...

I found a box of Pampers Prints on sale for 5.37 used a $2 coupon! Herbal essance hair spray green and purple bottle on sale for $1.12 used $1 coupon for any aussie/herbal.