Thursday, August 11, 2011

50% Off on CVS Gift Cards @ Saveology on August 16 Being Reported

Saveolgy.comA reader, Living Leaner, shared that Slick Deals is reporting an upcoming deal on CVS gift cards thru  Saveology.  Apparently on August 16 they will have 50% off CVS gift cards (the dollar amount was not noted but these types are usually $10 for $5).

Saveology is a daily deal site which sends out emails.  I am going to go ahead and sign up now so that I will receive the Email and know when it is available.  I get all of my  mom's prescriptions at CVS so I like to take advantage of these deals for that as I have been able to keep up with  my own gift cards thru Mypoints and Swagbucks.  When you sign up you must confirm your email address to finish the sign up process [edit, I read this someplace, but I have not received a confirmation email, so maybe not].

I just wanted to give you the heads up in case it does happen :-).  I'll let you know when I see it live.  Thanks to Living Leaner & Slick Deals.

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