Saturday, July 23, 2011

Earn Free CVS and Other Gift Cards thru MyPoints

MyPoints.comFor years I did MyPoints to earn free CVS gift cards, but earlier this year in an effort to save my time online for Simply CVS I quit doing it, but now I am going to try and pick it up again and thought I'd share with you what you can do to earn points at MyPoints.

From their website:
  • Earn Points for doing what you already do online: shopping, reading emails, playing games, searching the web, taking surveys, and more!
    • The more you do, the more Points you'll earn.
  • Shop or Book Travel
    • All the stores and brands you already love and trust are in one place, making shopping, booking travel and earning Points a breeze.
    • Find the best products, prices and deals.
  • Redeem Rewards
    • Use your Points to get gift cards for nearly 100 different stores and restaurants -- or enjoy gas cards, airline miles and hotel discounts. You pick the rewards you want.
    • Gift cards are quickly delivered to your door, free of charge
One of the main ways to earn MyPoints points is thru reading emails.  Before you sign up it is a good idea to get a junk email if you don't already have one.  Use this email for your MyPoints' account so the emails don't fill your inbox.  You earn points for just opening up emails and going to the sponsor site--when I was doing it I received 5 points each--and often there are points if you take advantage of an offer (usually free offers).  Be sure when you sign up that you mark you want to receive bonus emails.

MyPoints.comThere are easy offers to take advantage of to earn points and there is an "easy points" tab at the top to find easy ways to earn.  Since I have not done it in several months I am not sure what may have changed.  As I learn again how to earn I'll bring you a tutorial on earning the most thru MyPoints.

If you aren't signed up yet, you can get 100 points just for signing up at MyPoints.  It takes 1700 points for a $10 CVS gift card, 3800 for $25 and 7200 for a $50 card.  I have read of many reports of people getting a $50 gift card of one type or another monthly from MyPoints;  I think I got about $10 every other month.  They offer Gift Cards from 75 merchants.

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Anonymous said...

I just signed up through your link to my points but how do i get the 100 points i don't see them on my account. Did I do something wrong?


Cheryl said...

Anon, I really can't say. I am sorry. I see that on the graphic, but it has been sooooo long since I signed up I don't remember. I would think it should show up, even if it is pending for some kind of verification. You might try contacting them and asking them. I am so sorry about that. I'll try and ask the provider of the image about it and see if I get an answer.

Meanwhile, have any other of you readers out there signed up and got the 100 pts or did you not get it?

Cheryl said...

Anon, they said you should have gotten 100 points. If you can give me your username he said he can contact Mypoints for you.