Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My CVS Shopping for Donations from the Weekly Ad of 5/22 ~ Operation Christmas Child

Once again this week's CVS deals netted some items for my Operation Christmas Child stockpile.  Just a small addition, but by acquiring all the hygiene items and gum  I need free after coupons and/or extra bucks I have more of my OCC budget to buy the other items to fill them.  Like toys, socks, flip flops and school supplies.  I enjoy shopping year round for my shoe box fillers so that when November
comes around I am ready to pack my boxes in time for the yearly collection about the second week of November.

What ways do you use your CVSing to help others?  When there were many more deals a few years ago I brought lots of things home each week for the food pantry, homeless shelter, senior adult day care center, and lots of other places, but  now it is harder to get much.

What I bought and how I paid:

1 -- Stride Gum @ $.99 get $.99 back in Extra Bucks (so free after extra bucks)
2 -- Reach Toothbrushes @ $1.00 (used a rain check from about a month ago)
Used a $2/2 Reach Toothbrush printable coupon that I printed when they were on sale, it is no longer available

So I paid tax only for these three items.

If you are interested in filling shoe boxes for an underprivileged child you can learn how to pack a shoe box and find a collection center near you by visiting the OCC website.  Most of the shoe boxes are shipped overseas, but some are used right here in America.  If you would like to find great ideas for filling a shoe box or other deals from other stores that would be great for filling a shoe box check out Clip With Purpose.  Jessica keeps us updated on all the hottest deals on items for shoe boxes year round from numerous stores.  You can also keep up with Clip With Purpose on Facebook or Operation Christmas Child on Facebook.

Image courtesy of Operation Christmas Child.


Leigh Anne said...

I love this idea...I think it will be a great thing to get the kids involved with maybe they will not make fun of my couponing when they see the difference it can make...I will be trying this for sure. Thank you so much for the inspiration! And I love all the smart ways you get things for your shoes boxes like the stickers from the egg dye kit...I think mine are around here somewhere!

Alexandra said...

I think it is wonderful that you participate in OCC. I did it a few years ago, even before I couponed. I donate year round from my couponing, and right now I am participating in my neighborhood's Adopt a Soldier program. It is wonderful to know you are helping someone, especially when it requires your time and effort, not just your money.

Cheryl said...

Leigh Anne, we have done this for years--since their first year, I think. We have so many fond memories of doing it and have even gotten letters from several of the children who have received our boxes. By getting so much with coupons it leaves more cash for the "fun" things we include :-).

Cheryl said...

Alexandra, I think we have done it every year since it started, but couponing surely allows me to do more now than I did then :-). Last Christmas we did stockings for soldiers, too, and sent them to Afghanistan. We got a letter from one of the guys who received one. I would love to do more for them, too, as our family truly appreciates all they do to keep our country free and safe.

And you are right--putting in time and effort, even in wrapping the boxes and writing letters and choosing the gifts, makes it so much more special than sending a check.

Anonymous said...

Lately, I have been donating to our tornado relief centers here in Alabama. But, we are about to start collecting and gathering hygiene items, flip flops, snacks, pens and notebooks for Christmas gifts at the local nursing home. So many elderly folks get nothing, and the staff fixes up the items for the appropriate patients. I also let my girls visit with the patients while we are there.

Cheryl said...

Great idea, Anon. I love senior adults and always had my girls serving them in one way or another. We used to volunteer when they were little at a senior adult day care and we were there so much they actually had a volunteer appreciation day just for my girls when they were about 5 and 7--it was so special for them to be served when they were used to serving. But they actually wanted to serve the people before they were served their meal. They can learn so much from serving and giving.

Holly said...

I know it's not CVS, but I saw that my Walmart is currently selling children's flip-flops for $1 a pair. I know you were collecting items for young teenage boys; Walmart is also selling women's flip-flops for $1 a pair, which may be a little larger.

Cheryl said...

Grrrreat, Holly, thanks for the heads up. I do try to include flip flops. Some of the people who distribute the boxes have said that is what a lot of the children wear and that many of them are nearly worn so much that the heals are gone.

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea...couponing and knowing how to shop can help so many people have a better life!