Thursday, March 31, 2011

CVSing for Gift Baskets ~ Featuring Gifts for the Sick

I have mentioned before about making gift baskets out of CVS deal items and wanted to share again how helpful a nice stockpile of CVS items can be.  I shared a few days ago about my sister's condition and now Hospice has officially begun visits.

Whenever I hear of someone hurting, I automatically begin thinking how I can make their situation just a little
better.  When Robyn began her chemo I made up a gift bag full of fun bath and skin pampering items.  I also included a lavender Glade Scented Oil which is when I found out she loves lavender.  So as soon as we heard the I scoured my stock for lavender scented anything I could find because number one she loves it and number two I have heard it is soothing.  We baked some of my grandfather's sugar cookies to tuck in the basket with them.  She hasn't much of an appetite at all and I didn't know if she could handle them, but the memory would brighten her day and she could share them with her young grandchildren when they visit.  Elizabeth took them to her and that is exactly what it accomplished (and she wasn't sure she would be able to eat any).

Because she is spending so much time in bed (probably 90%) and is unsteady, thus unable to venture to the bathroom by herself, I thought a basket of personal hygiene items may be useful (by the way, I just threw them in the basket to take the picture, Elizabeth is my basket wrapper and will make it all pretty).  I began with face wipes so she could feel fresh between the Hospice assisted baths or any other cleansing her care givers could help her with--she would be in control.  From there I added other items I thought would help her to have a little independence and help her to feel more groomed and fresh:

  • Emory boards & Nail clips (I thought nail polish may a little messy)
  • Lip balm & Hand cream for moisturizing
  • Listerine strips for freshness without brushing
  • Visine Eye Drops for moisture
  • Hand Sanitizing wipes for before meals
  • Hand wipes for after meals
  • Mints--I actually took these from my OCC Shoebox stockpile, but I have several months to replace it (not sure she can use this—but just in case, it would give her mouth a fresh taste)
  • Gum (not sure she can use this—but just in case, it would give her mouth a fresh taste)

I share this to give you ideas to help you make the most of your CVS shopping.  I often buy items I do not personally use because I can turn them into little "loving care packages" for someone special.  And that is why I often print the coupons I find that I share with you as good for a CVS coupon file, like the $2/1 Visine Eye drops (made for free trial size--just right for tucking in this basket).  I'd love for you to share in the comments how you have used your CVS shopping for other than your own family.


janetfaye said...

I think this is a wonderful idea and I am going to remember to do this.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea, and God bless you and your sister. May His grace give you some much needed comfort at this time. -Rachael

Unknown said...

I did something similar for a friend who is stationed in Afghanistan. Coupons helped me fill a much larger box for her than would have been possible on my budget!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

@ Rachael, thank you so much.

@ Jenn, that is great. Last year we filled stockings for soldiers and shipped them to Iraq. It was such a blessing to be able to thank them with such a simple gift.

Rebecca said...

What a wonderful idea!

I did something similar for a newly married couple who moved from SC to Wisconsin for graduate school. I tried to fill the box with things that they might want but can't afford on a student income.

Shirley said...

I am just finishing up a basket for my niece's bridal shower (tomorrow) it is a laundry basket with purex 123 sheets (2), gain dryer sheets, sponges, renuzits, dish soap, kitchen towels, tissues, swiffer kits and refills, candles, cleaning bucket. I remember my MIL taking me shopping for our home the first time. a whole station wagon full. It is really the only gift I remember after 31 years. I am going to make up dinners for her as the wedding gift too.

Julie said...

I just love this idea! I have not yet put together any baskets, but I would definitely put something together if someone needed something. I have lots of travel size things and samples! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I made gift baskets for 6 people that are either family or close friends at Christmas using things that I had stock piled and they were a hit! Plus it saved my wallet for things for my grandsons! I also made a care package for my son who was moving into his 1st home consisting of cleaning products and toiletry items. I have done the same for wedding gifts for years!

Stacey B.