Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CVSing for Donating Week of 3/13 ~ Featuring Operation Christmas Child

I picked up a number of items at CVS yesterday to include in shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. For those unfamiliar with OCC, it is an arm of Samaritan’s Purse (run by Franklin Graham) that has for over a decade allowed individuals in America and other developed countries to fill shoeboxes with
toys and supplies that are then given to needy children around the world (including the US) mainly around Christmas. They often go to orphans or those effected by natural disasters. We partner with Clip With Purpose in showing ways to help the “least of these” in a cost efficient way. I have personally received letters from those who received my boxes in eastern Europe and Africa.

Hygiene supplies are often easy to stock up on at CVS--children can be thrilled to receive a toothbrush as Jessica at Clip With Purpose shared-but it is fun to include some entertaining items too, so I was glad to be able to get these items. Fun things can really lift up the spirit of the child in these difficult circumstances and help them feel loved. I used the amount of the coupons I had on other items to cover the cost, so instead of increasing ExtraBucks, I just rolled them, and got some items with which to help others.

Here’s what I got (all on clearance for 50 cents each): 3 foam puzzles, 1 set of colored pens, and 7 decorated journals. I thought the foam puzzles really looked fun for a kid to play with. I only got one set of the colored pens since we have lots of crayons in stock for shoeboxes. You can see the cat journal in the photo, the others have flowers and/or butterflies on them. This can be helpful for school (in some countries children have trouble going to school because they cannot afford the supplies) and also is fun.

For more ideas, on helping others on a budget be sure to check out Clip With Purpose.  lSarahl


jenniewisser said...

you guys are awesome!

Cheryl said...

Thank you for the compliment, Jennie, there is so much joy in giving the pleasure is ours :-).

Nicole said...

oh and I did the coke deal spend $15 get $5 back, it says limit 1 but I was ableto do it 3 times, since the fuse drinks are included and had $1 off 3 hang tags on them :)

Cheryl said...

Great, Nicole. There is another Coke deal coming up soon--they may have them all set up to work now. That happens once in awhile.