Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Index of CVS Lessons & Tips Posted on Simply CVS

In keeping with the simple theme here at Simply CVS, I thought an index of all the CVS deal lessons and tips posted would be a quick reference for readers to find just what they are looking for or to see what all is available.  I will put a link to this index in the right hand sidebar for easy access and update it each time I post
something new.

For the Beginner

Step by Step to Saving at CVS Series

What is An Extra Care Buck and How Do I Get Them?

Saving Money While Shopping @ CVS ~ The Basics

Shopping Terms & Abbreviations

CVS 101:  Ten Lessons For Beginners

Ask a Question About Shopping at CVS

CVS 101:  Beyond the Basics

Ideas on How to Use $/$$ CVS Coupons (such as $4/20)

Where to Find Manufacturers' money Saving Coupons

Rolling Extra Bucks from One Week to The Next for Greater Savings

How Do I Know if Deal is New or Not When it is the Ad Two Weeks in a Row?

How to Spend the Least Cash on CVS Deals w/Few or No Extra Bucks on Hand

Saving Money on Groceries @ CVS

The Benefits of Rain Checks

Stockpiling for Savings

CVS Clearance 101

Reader Questions Answered

Simply CVS Asks Readers

Five Levels of CVS Shopping and Organizational Ideas

#1  The Casual CVS Shopper

#2 The Carry Over CVS Shopper

#3 The Continual CVS Shopper

#4 The Committed CVS Shopper

#5 The Crazy CVS Shopper

CVS Snippets

Combine CVS Coupons w/Manufactuer Coupons for Added Savings

Sunday's Ads Usually Activate Saturday Evenings

Clearance Items May Not Count Toward Extra Buck Deals

Register Your CVS Extra Care Card Online

Using Rainchecks at CVS

Tips & Tricks

Sign Up for CVS Emails and Get a $4/20 Coupon

Be Sure You Are Signed Up for CVS Snail Mailings

Having CVS Order Products

How To Do Coupon Match-ups for CVS Weekly Deals

What to do if You Loose an Extra Buck

CVS Returns When Purchased with Extra Bucks

CVS Three Day Sales

An Explanation of How the $/$$ CVS Coupons May be Issued

Join Upromise to Earn for College While You Shop @ CVS

Contact Companies for Coupons

Buy Extra Coupons from a Coupon Clipping Service

How to "Make Money" Shopping at CVS

Does CVS Take Competitors' Coupons?

CVS Brand List ~ More Than Just "CVS" Products

Sign Up for CVS Advisor Board

Stockpiling Organization Tips

Investing Money Thru Stockpiling

Contacting CVS w/Questions, Complaints or Compliments

CVS Policies

How many CVS Extra Care Cards can one household have?

How do prices work when the Sunday ad is activated early on Saturday?

CVS Coupon Policy

Miscellaneous Information

Earn Free CVS Gift Cards (and more) Online

Did I really save $3635 @ CVS in 2010?

Simply CVS Deals Disclaimer

Join The Beauty Club for Added Savings

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Anonymous said...

If an ad says spend $10 to receive $5 ECB, and the two items totals $9.98. Do they round it up so I can still receive my $5ECB. And am I allowed to use my spend $10 get $2 off still.

Sarah said...

Hi! To answer your questions:
1) It all depends on the deal, some will print ECBs at like 98%, so require all, it's hard to tell which is which...
2) Yes, you are allowed to use $/$ or other coupons to pay less than $10 OOP, and still get the ECB. For instance if the items totaled $10, and you had a $2 off $10, you would only spend $8, but still get the $5 ECB as the pre-coupon price was $10.

Hope this helps, and thanks for reading!
Sarah for Simply CVS