Friday, January 21, 2011

My CVS Shopping Trip 1/21/2011 ~ Saved $ 31.91 Paid $1.90 + tax

I started out this week with just $10 in CVS extra bucks with which to shop for deals.  As I’ve said before, I normally kept $40 - $50 in extra bucks, but with the changes in CVS coupons and deals over the past several months they have dwindled away so I find myself doing more than one transaction.   So here is
my little trip for this week.

Total Trip:
Saved:  $ 31.91 or 94%
Spent:   Sub-total: $ 1.90, tax: $ 1.16, Total: $3.06
Extra Bucks used:  $ 12.00
Extra Bucks earned:  $ 10.00 (but I rolled some from one transaction to the next, so I only have $8.00 left)

NOTE:  I do not figure in the extra bucks earned in the % saved, I will figure those in the week I use them.  I also figure the % saved before the tax, as I also saved tax by not spending the full amount and that would take quite some figuring.  So my % saved is the total saved off the total original price before tax and extra bucks earned.

Transaction #1:

4 – Sobe @ $1.00 each [used a rain check for b1g1 free and two free coupons so all 4 were free]
2 – Toms of Maine Deodorant @ $3.99 each get $3.00 Extra bucks each
1 – Crest Pro Health @ $2.99 get $2.00 extra bucks [used a $.75/1 manufacturer coupon]
1 – quick Quaker Oats @ $1.69 [used a rain check and a $1.00/1 manufacturer coupon]

Spent:  Sub-total:  $.91 + $1.04 tax = Total:  $1.95
Extra Bucks used:  $10.00
Extra Bucks earned:  $8.00

Transaction #2:

1 – Boost 6-pk @ $5.99 get $1.00 extra bucks [used a rain check for this deal and a $3 manufacturer coupon; and then it is also on a monthly deal with $1 extra buck back and it printed too—nice surprise]  I also want to thank a special Simply CVS reader who sent me some Boost coupons since my Mom drinks it often—I picked her one up on her card, too, this week.

Spent:  Sub-total:  $.99 + $.12 tax = Total:  $1.11
Extra Bucks used:  $2.00 (though I had $8 in extra bucks they were not in denominations that I could use $3 and pay no out of pocket)
Extra Bucks earned:  $2.00

Check out these and all of this week's deals.  Also, read how I have learned (from others) to "stack" the coupons in the right order to pay for tax.  Some states have to pay tax on extra buck usage and some don't so it may or may not affect your CVS shopping.  And if you don't have any, or many, extra bucks check out how to have the least out of pocket cash when beginning or check out these scenarios for spending less than $5 or $10 out of pocket for several items.

You can read about all of my CVS shopping trips or check out what deals others got this week and if you blog about your CVS weekly shopping trips link up there, if not, share your deal details there in a comment.


Alycia E said...

Heres what I got!


(2) Kudos Variety $6.00- $2.00= $4.00
(12) Mountain Dews $20.00- $3.33 manu coupon= $36.63
(2) Listerine mouthwash $7.98-$3.00 manu & $3.00 Cvs=$1.98
(2) Orbit Gum B1G1-$1.29- $1.29= Free

ECBS USED- $24.89
Total OOP- $21.90
Total Saved $61.26
Received $22.00 ECBS to use next week! Plus I still have $10.00 in ECBS from last week!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great shopping, Alycia, and you are stocked with extra bucks! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I started with 10 ECBs plus a $5 GC...1st: Chestal cough medicine for 5.00, used the $5 GC and got 5 ECBs back.
2nd: 1 Raisin Bran 1.79
- .70 coupon = 1.09

2 Dove Visible Care body wash
1.99 - 1.00 coupon = 2/1.98

2 Tide 5.97 - 1.00 coupon =
4.97 each

1 Essence of Beauty
body wash reduced to 2.99
- 2.00 coupon = .99
Total OOP = 1.13

although I used my ECBs and wasn't able to get more this trip. Is it just me or are the ECBs getting scarce?? Seems lately most of the sales require spending 20-25 bucks to get 10 ECBs. I already have enough toothpaste, soap, body wash, deoderant, toilet paper, laundry soap & asst. household cleaners to last me and hubby over a year!
But it was nice to not have to worry about those things while my husband has been recovering from a major heart attack 2 months ago!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

It has been a few hard weeks it seems to roll those extra bucks. Our store didn't carry the cough medicine. It is great to have a stockpile when the unexpected happens. For about 18 months we had a 30%+ pay cut and it was great having all that stuff. Hope your hubby is doing better.

Unknown said...

Great Trip! I was able to find a lot of clearance deals at CVS. Please stop by and check out my CVS post. Have a blessed weekend!
Honoring The King

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Great job, Ann, I left you a link to stop back here and link up.

Unknown said...

I know what you mean! It seems that the ECB deals were better in the past. On the other hand, it seems like everything was better in the past... :-)

Thanks for stopping by and linking up! I appreciate it!
-- Laura from Frugal Follies

Coupon Teacher said...

Great job!! Thanks for sharing! I am trying to get back into the CVS game!

Virginia J said...

If you send me your address I can send you some of the 60 coupons for Boost that I bid on, on ebay $2/1. I have plenty at home.My e-mail adress is we cuponers have to stick together.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks, Virginia, sending an email your way.