Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How Many CVS Extra Care Cards Can One Household Have?

Several months ago I published an article about the dilemma over how many extra care cards each CVS shopper or household was permitted to have. It has apparently changed to one per household.  I recently read the following:
"We have both called and confirmed this with THREE different people(Bill, Heidi, and Liz) with CVS customer service today alone and this is what I was told by Bill. I
am quoting as best I am able to remember: 

'One card per household, to be shared by those living within that household. The only exceptions are when two households live under one roof(example: your sister and her husand share a home with you, you live with your mother and father, etc), those people may have a seperate extracare account of their own, but each household is limited to one card. You should only use your household's extracare card.'"

I wanted to share this to clarify CVS's current policy on their Extra Care cards.  If you have any questions on this call 800shopcvs and ask their great customer service reps.  Thanks to jleonard at We Use Coupons for sharing the information.

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Audrey Jarrett said...

Is there a source or site to fall back on this? I know that we are suppose to have one, but there have been people stating that they have 5 or more. Which I think is wrong.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Audrey, there used to be no limits per household and people often still have cards. My husband and I both have one, but we don't use them any longer. Some people use friends and family cards, but many are doing it against current CVS policy. As far as I know CVS doesn't have any written policy--but if you call 800shopcvs they will point out that it is one per household. Someone also recently said it is on the application now, but I have not seen that.

Anonymous said...

As a CVS employee I can comment on the extra care limit. It is one per houshold and it is now on the enrollment form. We can not stop people from getting multiple cards but we do have the right to not allow them to use more than one card. In my area of town we tell people they can only use one card and it doesnt matter if they go outside and come back in. We have the right to limit how many can be used by one person. With the increased influx of coupons it has gotten to the point where we are forced to limit everything including how many coupons can be used in a transaction. There is now an updated coupon policy. I hope this helps.

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Thanks, Anon, I always love employee imput--we want to do ethical CVS shopping. I have posted about the new written coupon policy here.

Anonymous said...

So you're not allowed to shop for anyone else. I'm disabled and so is my sister. She spends around 75% of her time in bed .. I have her card and often pick up a good buy I know she'd want too while out shopping. So that's against the rules? Tia Mona

Sarah said...

I can certainly sympathize with your situation-my mom is homebound and I do most of her shopping. While I can't as a private blogger speak definitively, I'd think the situation you described would be fine-you are acting kind of as her agent, same as you might do with a credit card. I think what they don't want you doing is getting cards from multiple friends & family who don't shop deals, then using them to get yourself multiple deals.