Saturday, January 29, 2011

CVS Snippet: Combine CVS Coupons w/Manufacturer Coupons for Added Savings

CVS policy is to accept one manufacturer and one CVS coupon for each item purchased.  CVS coupons include email, snail mail, scanner/register & Reinventing Beauty magazine coupons (and occasionally a newspaper/magazine/booklet coupon).  To be sure a coupon that did not print out at CVS is a CVS coupon follow this tip:  if the UPC of the coupon begins with a 5
or 9 it is a manufacturer coupon, if it begins with a 4 it is a CVS coupon.  Extra Bucks earned are not counted as coupons but as cash.

CVS accepts printable coupons (except for a few stores that have problems) so be sure and check out the hundreds offered at Redplum, Smartsource and Coupons.  They change  monthly but many hot ones are added throughout the month so it is a good idea to check right before you shop.

The purpose of the CVS Snippet Series is to give CVS shoppers morsels of information about the many variables that will help them get the most out of their weekly deal shopping.

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Gator Pam said...

Does CVS ever accept competitor coupons, other than pharmacy coupons? I have seen some match-ups on some sites which list Target printables and have found this confusing.

Thanks for any reply!

Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Pam, there are a few CVS stores that will accept them. I think it is in areas of high competition. So you would have to ask at your store.

I think some of the Target Printables are actually manufacturer coupons with a Target logo which most CVS stores seem to be confused by and refuse. I am not real familiar with them. Here at Simply CVS I try to keep things simple for the shoppers and list the most easily accessible and accepted coupons for the majority of people.

Anonymous said...

I was recently told at my local CVS that they wouldn't accept printable internet coupons. (They actually said they wouldn't take mfr coupons, but took 2 from the paper and none of my printables.)

I read in this post that SOME stores don't take printables. Who decides that? How are you supposed to know? Did I get a bad cashier last time or does my store just not accept them?


Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes said...

Hi, Tia. It is CVS policy, tho not written any where, to accept printable coupons (they even offer some on their website) but some managers have had issues with some fraud and now refuse them. If they refused some from me I would call 800shopCVS and talk with a Customer Service rep and ask about it. They should be able to explain exactly who has the authority to refuse them. Then you know who to ask for a manager if you want to be sure.

Cashiers do get confused at times--as to certain printables not being accepted (like for frees) and all printables. I save a lot with printables, so I would want to dig deep before I accepted it as absolute no printables.

In your case, since she also said no manufacturer coupons it sounds like she may have been confused and I'd just like to encourage you to call c.s. and find out for sure. They have always been so nice and helpful when I have called.